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The Best Sliding Shelves in San Antonio

Have you ever imagined how nice it would be to not have to reach around or over things in your cabinets when you’re trying to find something? Have you dreamed of opening your cabinets and having everything perfectly organized the way you want it? Now ShelfGenie can make that dream a reality with our customized sliding shelves!

What are sliding shelves?

Sliding shelves are a new concept that will completely change the way you think about storage. While most people are familiar with the fixed typed of shelves in most homes, sliding shelves offer many advantages that will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Sliding shelves will make your cabinets come alive and give you access to everything like never before. Here is what some of our clients are saying about their ShelfGenie experience:

“Your products and solutions have made my kitchen more convenient and certainly have saved my poor knees. Wish this could have been done years ago.” – M. Burnett

“The Glide-Outs you installed for me have been wonderful. They work great and have given me access to cabinets that would have been difficult to reach. I am very pleased with your product and work.” – B. Howell

“We are very satisfied with the entire company. The designer was knowledgeable of their product and the installation was performed quickly and professionally. The product has been exactly as advertised and as we hoped it to be. We would definitely recommend your company to anyone interested in this type of product.” – S. Neilson

Unmatched quality and customization

Our Designers have the expertise to evaluate your home storage to help craft the perfect shelving solution that fit your home and your needs. They will work with you one on one to make sure that your new shelves will use every available storage space that you might be missing out on with your current shelves.

ShelfGenie sliding shelves are crafted from professional grade materials that are built to last and provide you the durability that other shelves can’t come close to. Backed with a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that we always have you covered.

We’re standing by to help

Visit us online at ShelfGenie of San Antonio so we can help you find the perfect sliding shelves for your San Antonio home. Call 888-663-3818 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert designers so you can finally put everything within reach!