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Creative Bathroom Storage Solutions for Columbus Homes

Bathrooms can be one of the most used spaces in the home but often don’t have enough storage space to fit most homeowners’ needs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add more storage to your bathroom without having to do a complete renovation? Now you can with ShelfGenie’s® innovative bathroom storage solutions that are built to fit your home and your needs.

Creative bathroom storage solutions...with a slide

Our unique storage solutions bring a level of access and organization like you’ve never seen. By adding professional grade railing to our shelves, we’ve made it incredibly easy to move ShelfGenie shelves. With just the touch of a figure, you’ll be able to bring your towels, soap, and anything else you keep in your bathroom directly to you instead of you having to go hunting for them.

Singles and Doubles

While we have many innovative home storage solutions, our most popular shelves are our single and double height Glide-Outs™. Single height Glide-Out shelves are our most popular solution and provides storage for shorter items in your bathroom. Double height shelves are the perfect solution for larger items that have a better chance of tipping over. Your expert designer will work with you one on one to find out which type of shelves will be right for you.

Sliding towel rack

Our sliding towel rack is one of our most unique solutions that we can easily fit in your existing bathroom cabinets. The towel rack can hold up to three towels at a time and can easily be slid out of the way until you need it.


The riser can be a great addition to your sliding bathroom solutions. By enabling you to take advantage of lost space next to obstructions like drain pipes, the riser can be fully customized to give you the extra storage space you’ve been dying to have!

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