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Types Roll Out Shelves, Blind Corner Cabinets for Kitchen &; Garage

ShelfGenie is able to offer a wide range of roll out shelves to meet all of your organizational needs. From the kitchen to the garage, ShelfGenie’s roll out shelves will increase your useable storage space by as much as 50%. Some of our most popular roll out shelves include:

  • The single height shelf. This is one of our most popular roll out shelves. It is versatile and can be used to store anything from cookware to pantry items. Single height roll out shelves can be made at varying heights to fit your storage needs.
  • The tray bin. Designed to hold your serving trays, baking sheets and cutting boards, this type of roll out shelf keeps your items up right and easily accessible with dividers. Our dividers are custom spaced to fit your individual storage needs.
  • Glide-Out trash bins. Glide-Out trash bins are the perfect solution for keeping trash bins out of sight but within reach. Have your roll out shelf designed to hold two bins, one for regular garbage and one for recycling.
  • Risers. These shelves are perfect for working around pipes underneath the sink. These roll out shelves have two tiers that are designed to roll out simultaneously and fit around pipes.
  • Blind corner cabinets. Replace your Lazy Susan, with our blind corner cabinet roll out shelves to increase storage. When one roll out shelf is extended, a second roll out shelf slides over the rails of the first providing access to the back of the cabinet.

For more information on ShelfGenie’s roll out shelves please call (888) 903-8839 to schedule an appointment with one of our professional design consultants.