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Upgrade Your Kansas City Home With Custom Sliding Shelves

When Sally first called ShelfGenie, she was so tired of having to search through her cabinets to find something that she couldn’t take it anymore. She was so distraught that we couldn’t let her suffer any more. That’s when we scheduled her appointment with our expert Designer Robert to help Sally simplify her life with custom sliding shelves.

The design appointment

When Robert first looked at Sally’s cabinets, he could tell he had his work cut out for him but he knew he could help her. As the years had gone by she had accumulated so many things in her cabinets that she could barely find anything. Robert immediately saw potential for Sally’s cabinets and began showing her the custom sliding shelves solutions that could save her cabinets once and for all.

Robert worked with Sally to find out how she wanted to use her cabinets and why her current shelves just couldn’t give her the access she needed. She explained to him how it hurt her back to bend over to reach inside her cabinets and how she can’t even get to the back of her cabinets any more. Robert then showed her how installing a combination of single and double height sliding shelves would enable Sally to easily bring everything in her cabinets directly to her instead of her having to go hunting around to find one thing. Once Sally realized how much easier her life would be with ShelfGenie’s custom sliding shelves she placed her order immediately and even set up the installation appointment the same day!

Installation day

Sally was so happy to finally see our installer Jared drive up with her new shelves. Since the shelves had been crafted to only fit in Sally’s cabinets, Jared got right to work installing her new shelves without any problems. She couldn’t believe how fast he was and how clean her house was once he had finished the installation!

Weeks later…

Sally was so excited that she made the upgrade to custom sliding shelves that she started inviting friends and family over to show them how much easier her life was now. Now her back feels amazing and she loves cooking again!

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Visit us online at ShelfGenie of Kansas City so we can help you find the perfect custom sliding shelves for your Kansas City home. Call 888-663-3818 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert designers so we can help you fall in love with your home again.