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"I love my new shelves. I'm saving to get the other cabinets done as well."

-Dietta T., Greensboro, NC

We have frequently been disappointed by businesses who make promises and fail to deliver on them, especially in doing home repairs/improvements since moving into our new house. One recent exception is having glide-out drawers installed in our kitchen, making every inch of storage space easily accessible. Now I don’t have to get down on my belly to reach items at the back of the bottom shelf!

The company is ShelfGenie, co-owned (franchise) by Dan Powell. He was great to work with, despite our putting him “on hold” for over a year. We were wary of removing the center stile in our new cabinets (and void the warranty) only to find out that indeed Dan was correct that these were not needed. Since we had cabinets that were made so that the doors could be adjusted very close together we did not even need the stile to be reattached to the L door.

The installer, Joe Mast, was knowledgeable, efficient, respectful, and MORE prompt than promised! The work was done very quickly but carefully. He practically had to build a cabinet in the bathroom cabinet for the center drawers since there were no side panels to attach the much more efficient rails for the full extension drawer. The use of the drawer beneath the electric cooktop was a real gain since there was only a false front to the cabinet before. The addition of the pull out garbage can on the R side of the sink cabinet has been a major improvement to the function of the kitchen. We have so much more space now with the full use of the width of pull out shelves that we might have to ask neighbors to bring over extra kitchen tools to fill the space. I am certain that this will add considerable value to the house at the time of resale. We don’t really have any way to compare the cost of this addition to what would have been the extra cost if these features had been available in the top of the line Merrilat cabinets. Of course the extra joy of working in an efficient kitchen is priceless!

Monty S., Hillsborough, North Carolina
I am loving my new ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelves in the kitchen of our new house. My kitchen was almost perfect in size and storage, but now I realize with the addition of your product, it truly is perfect! We have tons of room in the pantry now.

Your installer was courteous, helpful and cleaned up after himself, returning my kitchen as he found it. I love how he took his shoes off without having to be asked. And speaking of the installation, I thought he would need half a day to install. He was done in two hours. Yeah! I couldn’t wait to put groceries in the new space.

I was surprised at how much extra room we had by adding Glide-Outs to half the pantry and just two other areas in the kitchen. Your excellent design suggestions gave us room in the pantry for two recycling bins. We’re also able to put food from two other cabinets in our new pantry and still have room left over on the bottom for much taller items. The areas on the side that do not have shelving are perfect for our long-handled grilling tools and grilling fish basket.

And in my kitchen cabinets, my large mixing bowls can nest on the top shelf with the blender, food processor and other small appliances so I don’t have to bend over to dig around in the back of the cabinet to find them. And everything is well under the 100-pound drawer weight limit.

I am one very satisfied customer. Being able to easily reach large casserole pans and having small appliances within arm’s length takes minutes off my prep time, and cooking at least two meals a day, every minute saved is another minute to relax! Our investment in this fairly priced product will pay off within months.

Thanks for making my kitchen perfect,

Joy D., Raleigh, NC
You have a very satisfied customer here in Cary. This letter is to inform you how pleased we were with Joe. Not only was he polite and respectful, but he also did a FANTASTIC job installing our kitchen closet. He knows what he is doing and left everything clean. We will be glad to recommend your company.


Deb & Bob Pierce
This job went very smoothly.  The sales rep was pleasant, knows her products, and made good suggestions.  Joe, their installer, was very courteous, prompt in returning calls, and did a good job on the installation.  I love having the shelves.  No more pot avalanches; my pans are neatly organized and quickly reachable; even the plastic storage containers are organized.  I very much appreciated  they were willing to warehouse the shelving for a few weeks  until my new kitchen counter tops had been installed.  That made things much easier for me.  Thanks for your flexibility and for a great product.
Cynthia P., Raleigh, North Carolina
Everything went like clock work.  No delays, no problems.  Wonderful job.  The woman who measured and explained the products available was very knowledgeable and helpful.  The young man who installed the drawers was very talented. You can’t tell where the center pieces were removed to provide more space for full drawers in the entire space.  The drawers are perfectly level and slide in and out with no problems.

To be honest, we thought we paid a lot of money for these but this is the best home improvement we’ve done and we’ve done several this year!  These shelves make our lives easier every day.  Every time we need something from the kitchen, it is at our finger tips.  No more getting down on our hands and knees or bending over to have access to anything in the cabinet.  Also, everything is organized and it’s very easy to find what we need.   We absolutely LOVE them.

Ingrid M., Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Dan Powell is our local franchisee and let me tell you…He is Phenomenal and when it comes to quality customer service and product knowledge he is beyond reproach.
Bob S., Raleigh, North Carolina