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Apex 27502 is in Wake County, NC. The median age of residents in Apex is 33 years. The typical cost for homes in Apex is $188,000. Also, there are 821 businesses operating in Apex with a total annual payroll of around $290,000,000. The average household income in Apex is just over $71,000.

Sliding Kitchen Shelves in 27502

Slide-out shelving by ShelfGenie are here to help you end cooking area clutter once and for all! Shelf your glasses for brandy or fruit bowls in upper cabinets with ease. Bakeware like electric mixers disappear into cupboards before you can snap your fingers. Because Glide-Out shelving units bring every item within reach, they are a great tool for the elderly. Schedule an on-the-house appointment with a ShelfGenie contractor today!

Sliding Bathroom Shelving in Apex

Does your bathroom area resemble a tornado hit it? Ever feel like giving up on trying to get your bathroom area organized? The solution to your problems: ShelfGenie’s creative Glide-Out cabinets! Glide-Out technology enables every item in your cabinets to be readily at your tips of the fingers with little effort. You won’t have an issue fitting things like hair combs, hairspray, and hair straighteners because each unit is built to save space. Things deep in the back of cabinets demand a lot of reaching and bending to take hold of, so these shelves are great for the elderly because they reduce the amount of energy needed to grab a box or bottle. All you have to do is pick up the phone to begin living a much less disheveled life. Call a ShelfGenie pro today to begin with your completely free consultation!

Sliding Pantry Shelves in 27502

Wayward canned asparagus and kitchen appliances have your kitchen pantry looking like a disaster? Where average organizing products are unsuccessful, ShelfGenie is here to assist you! With ShelfGenie shelves, there will be no more digging through walls of canned vegetables and fruits to get that distant bottle of soda at the rear of the kitchen cupboard. Your kids will not have to make a massive mess just to find juice boxes or cookies from the rear of the kitchen pantry with ShelfGenie drawers. Check out ShelfGenie.com for the best cupboard organizer for your home!

Kitchen Shelves in Apex

Upgrading your kitchen shelves with Glide-Out shelves from ShelfGenie adds convenience that brings joy back to your Apex kitchen.  Glide-Outs increase the accessibility, space, and organization of your kitchen shelves.  For more information on Glide-Out kitchen shelves, contact a ShelfGenie designer in the 27502 area.

Pantry Shelving in Apex

Increase the value of your Apex home by upgrading you existing kitchen, bathroom and pantry shelving to Glide-Out shelving from ShelfGenie, a leading provider of Glide-Out shelves for over ten years.  Upgrading your kitchen pantry shelving creates more organization and easier accessibility to items set deep in the back recesses of your pantry or kitchen cabinets.  Call a ShelfGenie design specialist and see how we’ve been helping people throughout the 27502 area.

Organize in Apex

ShelfGenie’s Glide-Out shelving system helps you organize your home cabinets shelf by shelf, cabinet by cabinet.  A Glide-Out shelf is a full-extension shelf that brings the very back of each shelf forward to meet you, making it easier to organize kitchens, organize bathrooms and organize pantries in 27502.  A trained ShelfGenie designer is waiting to help you organize your home with a free consultation in your Apex home.

Cabinets in Apex

Transform the cabinets in your Apex home and enjoy the peace of living in an organized space where everything is easily accessible.  Glide-Out shelves from ShelfGenie are designed to open and close easily, with the touch of a finger.  And by bringing the back of the cabinets to you, everything is easy to get to.  And best of all, an experienced ShelfGenie designer will guide you through the process, from the creation of a custom design through the installation of your custom-built shelves utilizing your existing cabinets.  Call for your free consultation in 27502 and start the transformation.

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