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Durham 27713 is a city in Durham County, NC. There are about 900 businesses operating in Durham. The annual payroll for businesses operating in Durham is about $676,000,000. Also, there are about 50,000 residents living in Durham. Residents in Durham earn about $57,000 per year.

Kitchen Roll Out Shelving in 27706

Do your over-stuffed cupboards have you breaking your neck to put away your cookware? Get your disorganized kitchen area settled now with ShelfGenie’s creative Glide-Out shelving systems! Pots and pans that are normally stuck in the back of the cabinet are conveniently put in your hands by these shelving systems that slide with ease. Upper cabinet commodities like spices such as cumin or china stow fast and easily. Everything that belong in your cabinets will vanish like they were never there. Say au revoir to disorganized cleaning supplies such as trashcan bags. Everything in the kitchen area is made more available by Glide-Out shelves, making them a great tool for the elderly. Dial a ShelfGenie distributor now for your on-the-house appointment!

Bathroom Roll Out Shelves in Durham

Can’t seem to get everything your bathroom fit efficiently? Do you sometimes wish that you had a lot more bathroom storage space? ShelfGenie’s impressive Glide-Out shelving are the answer to all of your issues! Each one of these cutting edge units glides out so that all the things in your cabinets is at your disposal. You will not have an issue fitting things like combs, hair gel, and hair dryers because every unit is created to conserve space. Grabbing items from the back of the cabinet requires lots of bending and reaching, but these racks reduce the amount of work required to do it, so they’re suitable for folks of any age. All you need to do is pick up the phone to start living a much less cluttered life. In-home assessments are absolutely free, so telephone a ShelfGenie specialist today to get started.

Pantry Roll Out Shelves in 27706

Wayward canned carrots have your kitchen pantry looking like a disaster? To take charge of that cluttered and disorganized kitchen pantry, look no further than glide out drawers! In just a few minutes, you can arrange that messy kitchen pantry efficiently with these sliding drawers. Your youngsters won’t have to make a massive mess just to find juice boxes or snacks from the rear of the kitchen cupboard with ShelfGenie shelves. Take the first step toward a more organized life and check out ShelfGenie.com!

Kitchen Shelves in Durham

Create custom organization for your Durham kitchen using ShelfGenie’s Glide-Out kitchen shelves, increasing your storage and access while keeping your existing cabinets.  Installing Glide-Out kitchen shelves is an affordable home improvement which increases the value of your 27712-area home.  A ShelfGenie designer can help you perfect a custom design suited to your needs.

Organizer in Durham

There is an organizer to tame any mess – that is our belief at ShelfGenie.  With a complete line of organizer accessories, our designers can help find the right product for your kitchen, bathroom and pantry needs.  Tame the disorganization in your Durham home and let us help.  Call today for a consultation with a ShelfGenie designer and find the right organizer to transform your home in 27713.

Shelves that Slide in 27713

Having shelves that slide is a great way to make everything in your cabinets and pantries easily accessible.  Having trouble reaching that box of cereal in the back that fell over?  Shelves that slide from ShelfGenie, otherwise known as Glide-Out shelves, are your solution in 27713.  These are also great for organizing everything from Tupperware to food items to bathroom items.  Complement your home in Durham and help organize your life with shelves that slide – Glide-Out shelves – from ShelfGenie!

Sliding Shelves in Durham

Looking for a way to organize your bathroom, kitchen, pantries or cabinets in the 27713 area?  ShelfGenie has the solution!  Sliding shelves, also called Glide-Out shelves, are making waves throughout Durham.  With new Glide-Out sliding shelves from ShelfGenie, you can maximize space like never before.  Can’t reach that can of food in the back of the pantry?  Well now you can with sliding shelves!  Call a ShelfGenie representative today and get more information on how you too can benefit from Glide-Out shelving.

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