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Knightdale 27545 is a city in North Carolina that has a population of about 22,000 residents living in it. There are an average of about 6,100 households in Knightdale. The average household income of Knightdale households is bout $52,000 per year. The median age of residents in Knightdale are 32 years old.

Pull Out Kitchen Shelves in 27545

Are your countertops littered with pots and pans that you just don’t seem to have space for? Get your unkempt kitchen area arranged today with ShelfGenie’s cutting-edge pull-out shelves! Painlessly stow upper cabinet glasses for cocktail or saucers. Spices like peppermint or saucers painlessly stow in upper cabinets. Before you can snap your fingers, larger kitchen items like cutting boards disappear into lower cabinets. For older folks who have trouble accessing their cabinets, Glide-Out shelving units are a must-have. Learn how a ShelfGenie distributor can help you by getting in touch today!

Pull Out Bathroom Shelving in Knightdale

Does your bathroom resemble a tornado hit it? Ever feel like giving up on trying to get your bathroom well organized? Creative Glide-Out cabinets by ShelfGenie are the answer to your problems! Everything in your cabinet is at your convenience because each of these ground breaking units glides out. Created to save you space, these units make it so that your comb, flat iron, and hair gel can all fit. These drawers help decrease the amount of bending and reaching required to grab that container or box at the back of the cabinet, so they’re great for the injured. All you have to do is pick up the phone to start living a less disheveled life. In-home consultations are free of charge, so phone a ShelfGenie expert right now to get started.

Pull Out Pantry Shelves in Knightdale

Ever have trouble reaching that bottle of vinegar or mixer at the back of your kitchen cupboard? ShelfGenie is the best method for any type of disorganized or disheveled cupboard! You will not have to dig through walls of canned veggies to get to that far-away bottle of vinegar at the back of the kitchen pantry anymore with gliding racks. Sliding shelves even make it easy for young children to get cans of soda and snacks from the cupboard without creating a mess. Take the first step toward a much more organized life and check out ShelfGenie.com!

Shelving in 27545

Improving kitchen storage can be as simple as upgrading the shelving in your kitchen cabinets.  At ShelfGenie, our Glide-Out shelving systems have been transforming homes throughout the 27545 region for over ten years.  Glide-Out shelving is designed to provide easier access to the contents of your cabinets while increasing the amount of storage of each cabinet.  Contact a ShelfGenie designer and see how you can transform your Knightdale home with shelving that slides.

Kitchen Shelving in Knightdale

ShelfGenie Glide-Out kitchen shelving has been transforming the way people use their kitchen for over a decade.  If you want to increase your storage and make things easier to get to in your 27545-area kitchen, contact a ShelfGenie representative in the Knightdale area and explore the ease and convenience of Glide-Out kitchen shelving with a free consultation.  Every ShelfGenie Glide-Out kitchen shelving solution is custom-designed to fit the needs and budget of the homeowner.

Pantry Shelving in 27545

The ShelfGenie design team in 27545 is ready to help you create the perfect, customized pantry shelving solution for your Knightdale home using our attractive, durable Glide-Out shelving system.  During your in-home consultation, our designers will review your current pantry shelving, assess your needs and create a unique plan to meet those needs while staying within your budget.

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