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Summerfield is a city 27358 that is located in Guilford County, NC. There are about 1,000 employees working in Summerfield. There are also approximately 210 businesses in Summerfield. There is a population of 13,600 residents living in Summerfield.

Roll Out Kitchen Shelving in 27358

Do you find yourself experiencing issues keeping your non-perishable foods because there is not enough cupboard space? Say goodbye to kitchen area clutter now with ground-breaking sliding shelves from ShelfGenie! Those elusive bowls and plates are easily at hand because each shelf slides. Say adios to jumbled large appliances such as electric can openers. Every item that belongs in your cabinets will fade like that mess never existed. Ability to access kitchen area upper cabinets can be trouble for older folks, so Glide-Out units are a must-have. Ask about a cost-free appointment with a ShelfGenie contractor now!

Roll Out Bathroom Shelving in Summerfield

Does your bathroom area resemble a tornado hit it? Ever feel like giving up on trying to get your bathroom area organized? State-of-the-art Glide-Out shelves by ShelfGenie are the answer to your issues! It will only take a little effort for all the things in your bath room cabinets to be at your tips of your fingers since these racks slide out. These products are designed to save space, so that your hair comb, mousse, and flat iron can all fit. These cabinets help reduce the amount of bending and reaching required to get that package or carton at the back of the cabinet, so they’re great for the injured. To get started living a less disheveled life, you only have to pick up the telephone. ShelfGenie advisors are standing by to help you to get started, so call right now.

Roll Out Pantry Shelves in 27358

Where standard organizing methods fail, ShelfGenie is here to assist you! Quickly manage any messy kitchen cupboard effortlessly with ShelfGenie’s racks in a matter of minutes. ShelfGenie’s very simple slide out storage make it easy to arrange all of your different snacks and appliances. For the finest kitchen area pantry organizer for your home, check out ShelfGenie.com!

Bathroom Shelving in 27358

Glide-Out shelves can increase your bathroom shelving storage by up to 50%, providing you with more organization and easier accessibility.  ShelfGenie is a leading provider of Glide-Out bathroom shelving in 27358 and has professional designers to help you select the best solution for your Summerfield bathroom shelving needs.  Call for your free in-home consultation today.

Pantry Shelving in 27358

Increase the value of your Summerfield home by upgrading you existing kitchen, bathroom and pantry shelving to Glide-Out shelving from ShelfGenie, a leading provider of Glide-Out shelves for over ten years.  Upgrading your kitchen pantry shelving creates more organization and easier accessibility to items set deep in the back recesses of your pantry or kitchen cabinets.  Call a ShelfGenie design specialist and see how we’ve been helping people throughout the 27358 area.

Drawer Organizer in 27358

ShelfGenie offers a variety of top-quality Glide-Out shelves and drawer organizer solutions to address all of the storage and organizational needs for your Summerfield home.  And when you call ShelfGenie, you’re not alone.  A ShelfGenie design consultant will guide you through the process, offering a free in-home consultation to assess your needs in 27358.  Your designer will then create a unique plan using a combination of Glide-Out shelves and drawer organizer products to meet your needs and budget.

Pantry in Summerfield

View your pantry inventory with ease in 27358 with ShelfGenie’s Glide-Out shelving system, bringing the back of the pantry to you with the touch of a finger.  When you’re able to see your pantry inventory, you’re less likely to duplicate the purchase of food items unnecessarily, and more likely to use foods before their expiration dates.  Call ShelfGenie and schedule a free consultation in your Summerfield home and start saving money with your new, organized pantry.

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