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Columbus Bathroom Makeovers

Make the most of your Columbus bathroom renovation by investing in ShelfGenie and improve your bathroom’s functionality and appearance. You don’t have to break the bank to meet your storage needs during your next bathroom renovation, just call your local ShelfGenie franchise and they’ll create a custom plan for your home that’s within your budget. ShelfGenie shelves and shelving accessories can give you up to 50 percent more storage space in your Columbus bathroom, so call now to find out ShelfGenie can help you start getting your bathroom more organized!

Bathroom Remodeling

Let ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelves take center stage during your next bathroom remodeling project for your Columbus home.  For other unique solutions, contact a ShelfGenie designer in the Columbus area.

Bathroom Storage

Find the bathroom storage you’ve been missing without having to replace your bathroom cabinets in Columbus. Glide-Out shelves help you recapture lost bathroom storage space by bringing the deepest part of your cabinets within easy reach. More storage, easier access, better organization – contact ShelfGenie for a free consultation in your Columbus home.

Bathroom Organization

Replace your old bathroom shelves in Columbus with Glide-Out shelves from ShelfGenie and experience better bathroom organization through the increased storage space and easier access inherent in Glide-Outs. By extending your bathroom shelf out to you, all items from the very front to the very back are now within easy reach, making bathroom organization much easier. Call today to find out more about how ShelfGenie’s line of shelving and shelving accessories can change your life!

Shelving for your Bathroom

Organize your shelving space with ShelfGenie’s innovative line of products for your bathroom. Go online today to learn about how ShelfGenie products can increase your bathroom storage space by as much as 50% without cleaning out your bank account!