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My pantry was full and it was nearly impossible to access everything without using a flashlight to locate the specific item I was trying to find. Since my shelves are almost 30 inches deep, I wanted a solution that kept my space and increased my access.

With ShelfGenie installed, now I can see and reach every item in my pantry. Michael was professional and punctual and the entire process was easy.

Thank you ShelfGenie for giving me my pantry back!

Debbie L.

As I’ve grown older it has become more difficult to get down and look in the lower shelves of my kitchen cupboards. I visited ShelfGenie’s display at the Ohio State Fair and arranged for a representative to come to my house and show me what could be done. I liked what he showed me and it was within my budget. A few days later I decided I wanted waste and recycle containers put in my pantry. I made a call and it was done. Within a short time two workers arrived with all the assembled drawers and in a few hours the lower shelves in my cupboards and my whole pantry were transformed and within easy reach. After I had used the drawers for a month or so I received a call and a follow up appointment was arranged. We discussed a couple problems I’d experienced and they were promptly remedied. My kitchen looks the same on the outside, but inside getting things out of the lower shelves is so much easier and things in the pantry have to try much harder to get lost. Thanks ShelfGenie.

Dave Woodyard, Lewis Center

A++++!! They are amazing!! They organized our pantry and build shelves into the pantry that slide and make everything at your finger tips. They are BEAUTIFUL!! They work incredibly well. Mike came out first to meet with me and talk through what I wanted and he drew up a basic design for it. From there we tweaked it and he took it back to John who came out to measure and also did the installation after they were built. There was not one speck of dust left behind during the process. My experience was EXCEPTIONAL!

Ronald & Shirley V., Delaware, OH

We bought the Big Deal and scheduled the appointment. Mike explained all his products, asked a lot of questions about how we use our kitchen space and gave suggestions. No hard sell at all. He even suggested I not put in one section because he felt I wouldn’t be happy with it, due to its placement. He came up with a different idea to accommodate what I wanted. They do drawings and computer-generated renderings, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting. A couple weeks later, they came to take all the measurements, then ordered our items. They came the day scheduled and put some of the shelving in, but there was a problem with the measurements, so they had to make some changes. The pantry wasn’t exactly what I wanted, so I called that night. The next day, they came and had corrected the drawers, according to the measurements, and also fixed my pantry, so it was exactly what I wanted. They cleaned up after themselves and were very professional. It’s all working great.

Rosemary S., Grove City, OH

The purchase of the ShelfGenie product has made a huge impact in the everyday use of my kitchen. Mr. Saunders helped me “think through” the functionality and use of the items in my cupboards. He then came up with a plan that put everything I use regularly in easy access. He also gave me a plan to improve my pantry closet that was amazing by just reorganizing what I had. This product is not cheap but well-worth the cost in quality and ease of use.

Collier Y.

ShelfGenie of Columbus just completed the installation of roll-out shelving in our food pantry located in our kitchen. Service was very fast, courteous and professional. We are thrilled with the results and highly recommend!

Ed S.

They installed sliding drawers in a kitchen cabinet. I was very happy with the whole process. He explained construction in detail. And while it was expensive the quality of the product is superior.

Linda L., Powell, OH

First of all, the process from beginning to end was outstanding. Both Mike and John are extremely kind, knowledgable and wonderful ambassadors of their product. They believe in the product and the benefit of the shelving to their customers. The installation was done incredibly well and the area was left clean and ready to use. I love the shelving. It has increased the efficiency and size of my kitchen. Everything has a place! And the shelving is attractive and extremely strong. I can find any article I need quickly and without searching. I just pull out the shelf and there it is! I love showing everyone its benefits. Thank you for making such an incredible and useful product.

Ronald & Shirley V.

The quality of the double suspension guides was commercial grade, and the wood drawers were dovetailed and well made. Mike was terrific too, in every aspect of the experience. I plan to order additional shelves in the future.

Greg F.

He help me design the perfect pull out shelves for an area that has bothered me for years. Can’t wait to see them installed. The samples were various price points, which was great.

Pam D.

I chose to install Shelf Genie under my sink (2 units), in a corner cabinet that has poor access (3 units) and in another cabinet that is narrow and deep, which required removing everything in the front to see what’s in the back (2 units).

The under-sink units are wonderful. Behind each door there is a full-size lower shelf, with a “balcony” shelf running lengthwise, on the outside of the lower shelf. This design accommodates the plumbing. Before ShelfGenie, it was a guessing game where the desired item would be found. With ShelfGenie, everything to do with washing dishes or scouring the sink is stored on the left, and items like garbage bags, scrub brushes, furniture polish are stored on the left. The balcony on the left is just high enough to allow a 30-bag box of garbage bags under it, with only the edge of the next bag showing, ready to grab.
The corner cabinet has two units on the floor, and one at the height of the first shelf. It sounds implausible but works very well!

It is a delight to open the third cabinet and pull out the drawer to see whether the item there is the one I want. My kitchen is old – not as old as the house – but these hinges are not used any more. It is nice to have something up-to-date and useful in such an old kitchen.

Sharon T.

Overall, it went very well. The provider scheduled a designer to assess our kitchen storage needs. She was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in figuring out the best configuration for our needs. Several days later an installer came to finalize measurements in preparation for ordering the pull-outs. It took about 2 months for our order to be completed and installation to occur. The installer completed the job efficiently.

Upon use of the pull-outs, we found that the cook book racks were smaller than we had anticipated, with our larger books not fitting into the available space. The provider’s designer returned to view the problem, and has offered to replace one of the smaller racks with a large one that will accommodate most of our large cookbooks. We are very satisfied with this solution as well as the overall experience and quality of the product

Sara A.

After working with the system, I actually like the full shelves. It gives me extra storage room for surplus items on the side and the current open item on the shelf. I have already told friends about it and they are impressed that the shelf will hold 100 pounds. Thanks for follow-up phone calls. I have never had such an organized pantry. Thanks again.

Brenda K.

I love the professional installation and service as well as the shelves that are easy to access and of high quality.

Carla P.

The work was high quality and it solved a big problem.

William M.

The drawers make for ease of access to stored items. All the people I met associated with ShelfGenie were pleasant and professional.

Sara D.

We love the accessibility that the shelving brings to our kitchen.

Steven P.

Christy was an excellent rep: knowledgeable, helpful, professional. The timetable was met and the work done efficiently. The product seems to be working very well.

Sudy H.

Space saving! I can’t believe the space that has now opened up to me in my kitchen and I can now get to the very back of my cabinet with my ShelfGenie shelves!

Mary S.


Just wanted to pass along some information to you. Jerry and crew did a wonderful job installing out shelving system yesterday. They were in and out in about 4 hours. They were very professional and everything turned out great. The shelving units were exactly what we were looking for and they will save us many frustrations. No more sitting on the floor searching for stuff.

We appreciate the service.

Steven and Jan P.

ShelfGenie Is one of the best improvements I have ever made to my home. I want to share your product with others.

Brenda S.

I now have more shelf/drawer space. Most importantly, I don’t have to get on my hands and knees to retrieve something in the back. My husband now will put items away after drying them. I have a friend who is handicapped. Her husband saw the drawers and was very impressed. He thought they could be easily adapted for her helper dog to pull out the drawers.

Judy C.

First I already have recommended ShelfGenie to my neighbors. Second, the corner shelving just makes everything so accessible. Third, the under-sink area is just so organized and neat, no longer a jumble of stuff. Fourth, I think it raises the value of my house.

Sharon T.

I love my new ShelfGenie shelves. You made the process so easy from the first sales visit, when you didn’t try to over sell your product: to the installation, by the nicest installer I’ve ever had in my home. I’m sure I will be calling ShelfGenie again and showing the results to all my family and friends.

Janice B., Columbus, OH

The whole process was efficient. When we found that one of the shelves wouldn’t fit as we thought (height wise) we were given credit for it on the spot. The installer was great and knew what he was doing. Our salesperson was not pushing us to get more than what we wanted and suggested many good ideas for what we did want. We signed right away and felt confident in her and the product. We were not disappointed in any way. I love, love , love the shelves!

Dana I.

They replaced a turntable and put pull-out shelves in my cabinets. We were very pleased with them. They stand behind their product. There was an initial problem and they came right out and fixed it. We were very satisfied with their work.

Jay A., Lewis Center, OH

The pull out shelves are so convenient and easy to use. All the people involved in the ordering and installation were very professional and easy to deal with. The company stands behind its product and makes sure you are satisified.

Becky A.

Love the product. I feel like we have a new kitchen. Also, Michael Saunders, sales representative, was very professional and friendly to work with.

Wanda K.

When I ordered my ShelfGenie glide out shelves I knew I would like them but I didn’t realize just how much.  Not having to get down on the floor to get things out of the back of my cupboards has been wonderful.  I also have the spice rack, drawer organizers and glide outs in my pantry.  They are all fantastic and I wish I would have had them years ago.  Thanks Mike for helping me organize my kitchen.

Sandy S. from Findlay, Ohio
I am extremely pleased with the quality of the Shelf Genie products you recommended and installed in our kitchen. We no longer have wasted space or items that need to be excavated from the back of our cabinets. Everything is literally at our fingertips.
We use the things we have now – rather than what is just easiest to get out. Better yet, we were able to move our large mixer back to the kitchen where it belongs. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future!
Courtney C. (and family)
Dear Mike,
Thanks for calling tonight to ask about how I like my new pull out shelves.  They are great!!  I have an island/breakfast bar that has cabinet doors on both sides.  I was having a hard time reaching the mixer or slow cooker and had to move the bar stools to reach them.  With the new pull out shelves, I can reach everything more easily.  I also have a deep pantry closet and the new pullouts make everything accessible.
The whole process started with my phone call to Shelf Genie after seeing your ad in the Olentangy Valley News.  Doug Pannier arrived on time with a sample drawer and brochures.  After he took some rough measurements, he was able to offer me a quote right away.  Later that week, Jerry McCarthy called to take the formal measurements and several weeks later he called again to schedule installation.
I am very satisfied with all aspects of the product and the professionalism of Doug and Jeff.  I would be happy to be a reference for your company.
With kind regards,
Carolyn M.

Michael, I want to thank you for the great job Shelf Genie did installing my new glide-out shelves. Your sales presentation was honest with helpful suggestions for my storage needs. It didn’t take much time to have you sketch a plan and let me see how the shelves would fit. With your laptop and small printer I was impressed you could print out the order right on my kitchen counter! You surprised me by coming to our house the day of the installation to make sure my husbands concerns about cutting the cabinet door were  alleviated. The installation was perfect and my husband was thrilled with the end result! You went above and beyond the call of duty. Shelf Genie is a quality product. I love my new glide-out shelves and would highly recommend your product and installation to anyone!

Your happy customer,

Carol C.

Michael Kilby, designer and installer for Shelf Genie, improved my kitchen storage space 100%! He explained the product’s construction and various options. Upon completion of the pull-out storage, I was able to organize and store more items on the shelves as well as see everything!  I was truly amazed. No more sitting on the floor to find things on the back of a shelf! Shelf Genie magically transformed my storage space!  I highly recommend Shelf Genie.

Barbara B., A Very Satisfied Customer

You can’t imagine how wonderful it is to be able to access everything in  my cupboards – this product is genius!

Catherine H., Columbus, OH

Everything was top notch from beginning to end, except for one slight snag.

Matt G., Lewis Center, OH

A clear explanation of the product and service by the woman who came out led to realistic expectations of the service, time frame and cost.  Excellent installation.

Sandy G., Columbus, OH

Just purchased the Lazy Susan with pull out drawers and my wife loves it.

Jeff R., Hilliard, OH

Great, functional product!

Michael R., Frazeyburg, OH

I really like the ease and convenience of being able to pull out a shelf to get what I want.

Linda S., Newark, OH

I love, love, love my new pull out shelves.  It is so much easier to get to things.  Before they were installed, I sometimes had to get down on my hands and knees to reach items in the back of the cabinets.  I have arthritis and having to get down was very hard on me.

Dee M., Westerville, OH

I love everything about our new shelving – quality, looks, usefulness – my designer and installer were awesome!!

Karen H.

I just smile when I go to the pantry. All items organized and the shelves glide out so smoothly.

Mike & Maryanne D.

I love the new shelves, they do everything I expected.

Janice B.

I love the pull out shelves/drawers. It makes getting items from the bottom so much easier. The quality and workmanship is great! I’m glad I made the purchase.

Marilyn W.

Love the final results! Utilizes all potential space for storage.

Barbara R.

The service was excellent and the product wonderful. Thank you so much!

Susan H.

Everything was wonderful. They were very responsive. One of the shelves did not pull properly and they were out within two hours to fix the issue. Their service was excellent.

John H., Columbus, OH

ShelfGenie put Glide-Out shelves in most of the bottom cabinets and one top cabinet of my kitchen. Installation went very well. You do lose a little space, but so worth it for the ease of getting to pots and pans, etc. (I have a lot of “stuff,” so I’m sure that some people will gain space.) It’s great being able to pull out a Glide-Out shelf and instantly see what’s in it – a stress reliever. The shelving appears to be very sturdy and is very smooth in its operation. John, the gentleman who installed the shelving, was very professional – made sure the height, etc., was the way I wanted it – asked me before he installed the shelving, which I greatly appreciated. I was pleased with the initial contact with Mike to talk about getting the glide-out shelving done and throughout the installation process. I definitely recommend this company.

Judy R., Columbus, OH

Having your product installed in my kitchen along with your advice on reorganizing was one of the best uses of my money! It has made a difference EVERY day! My old and limited cabinets are now very functional. It was not only the product, but your ability to “rethink” use and function that made the difference. Also, my pantry closet where I just used your ideas now has easier access and more storage. I am very grateful. You did, indeed, “transform” my kitchen.

Becky Y.

Recently we hired ShelfGenie to help us utilize the space in our kitchen more. The house was built three years ago, however I did not feel like I had enough cabinet space. Mike Saunders came to our home and helped me figure out how to make my kitchen more functional and organized by installing the pullouts and organizers in each cabinet. Turns out I have a ton of storage and everything is so nice and organized. I can not thank him enough for all of his help. Now I can enjoy my kitchen and not be ashamed to open my cabinets when company is around. I would definitely recommend his services. I found him on the Houzz website.

A very happy customer