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Organize your Home in Connecticut

Where other shelving options fail to help you get organized, Glide-Out shelves succeed! There’s not a room in your home that full-extension pull out shelves can’t help to organize. There’s no end to where you could put new custom Glide-Out shelving in your home. In the garage. In the kitchen. And even in the bathroom! And each shelf holds up to 100 pounds, even when fully extended.

Media Storage in Connecticut

Store your home media equipment and accessories more efficiently than ever before with ShelfGenie’s customized line of pull out shelving. In-home consultations are absolutely free, so call today to get started using that space you didn’t even know you had! Organize your media storage with shelves that slide from ShelfGenie of Connecticut. Enjoy a lifetime guarantee on all ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelves.

Organize your Garage

Creating an organized garage is an uphill battle, what with all of the items that need to be stored yet easy to get to. ShelfGenie’s line of custom sliding shelves is the sensible way to store your sport equipment, gardening supplies and tools in a manner that makes everything more visible, easier to retrieve and just all-around organized. And each shelf is strong enough to hold 100 pounds, even when extended, so don’t be shy about loading them up! At ShelfGenie, we can help you organize your garage or any other space in your home.

Workshop Storage

Create the ideal workspace in Connecticut where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. You can increase your workshop storage capacity by 50% with the installation of Glide-Out shelves. And Glide-Out shelves fully extend to provide easy access to all of your tools, brushes and paints. Call your Connecticut area ShelfGenie and schedule a free workshop storage consultation today.

Laundry Room Storage in Connecticut

Even in tight spaces like laundry rooms, efficient storage doesn’t have to be a dream. Make it a reality with ShelfGenie’s sliding shelves and get the most out of your cramped laundry room storage. Double your storage space with Glide-Out shelves! Get started today by contacting a certified ShelfGenie of Connecticut designer.