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Pull Out Kitchen Shelves

Upgrade your kitchen cabinet storage without having to replace your kitchen cabinets! ShelfGenie of Connecticut creates full-extension custom pull out kitchen shelves to fit your existing cabinets. Gain additional storage space with kitchen pull out shelves by increasing access and visibility to all parts of your cabinet. When your shelf extends, the back of the cabinet is as accessible as the front. Gain the benefits of pull out kitchen shelves today!

Kitchen Organization in Connecticut

Organization is the key to efficiency. ShelfGenie of Connecticut can get you organized with a custom Glide-Out shelving plan designed just for you and your needs. We’ll see how you use your kitchen before recommending the right combination of pull out shelves and shelving accessories to create organization in your home. Transform the way you use your kitchen with the convenience of ShelfGenie roll out shelves.

Lazy Susans, Glide-Arounds and Blind Corner Solutions

When it looks like you have plenty of cabinets but you still can’t seem to squeeze everything in in an efficient manner, it may be time to look at your kitchen shelves. A lot of your cabinet space is hidden deep within a corner unit, the back of which is nearly impossible to reach. At ShelfGenie we have several solutions to remedy the corner cabinet conundrum. Our certified ShelfGenie designers can help you choose the best option for your corner kitchen cabinet, from Lazy Susans to Glide-Arounds to our blind corner sliding shelf solution.

Kitchen Cabinet Center Stile Removal

ShelfGenie of Connecticut can help you open up your kitchen cabinets for wider access by removing the cumbersome center stile. The look is unchanged from the exterior but the access is improved by allowing for wider shelves that can accommodate large items the full width of the shelf. No more jockeying around the center stile to stow your appliances. Speak with a ShelfGenie designer for more information on our center stile removals.

Home Pantry

Buying in bulk is great, if you’ve got the space, but chances are you don’t. You can! Before stocking your pantry, call ShelfGenie and schedule a free design consultation in your Connecticut home and see how you can maximize your pantry storage and create easier access to all areas of your pantry with our full-extension Glide-Out shelving system. Call today to set up your free in-home consultation near Connecticut!