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The premier Glide-Out™ shelving provider and cabinet organizer.

Convert the existing shelves in your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, pantry or anywhere you have cabinets into more practical and usable space with Glide-Out shelving from ShelfGenie. Our experienced designers will create a custom Glide-Out shelf solution to suit your cabinet storage needs, increasing space while improving both organization and accessibility.

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Glide-Out Shelving Solutions

Optimize your storage in every room of the house while bringing the back of each cabinet out to meet you with the convenience of full-extension Glide-Out shelves.

More space. Easier access. Better organization.

When I learned about Glide-Out shelving by ShelfGenie, I thought how useful and timely this product concept was, and how it could help a lot of folks. I thought of my personal experience of trying to manage clutter and access to the items in my kitchen cabinets of our brand new home. Way before I was even aware of ShelfGenie, I remember my frustration of searching for a shelving organizing solution on the market to fit our existing cabinets at that time. It was a struggle to find anything that was even remotely suitable in terms of the proper fit or appearance. Then after weeks of research ending up with a product that still did not accommodate all of the pots, pans and lids and which became more of an obstruction inside the storage cabinet than the help with organization of the available space. Those were frustrating times.

With so many different options in our product line, we are sure to have a Glide-Out shelf solution to meet your specific needs. Our Glide-Out shelves can convert all of your cabinets into more practical and usable space. Your heavy blender or food processor can finally have a home that is easily accessible, since our strong Glide-Out shelves can hold items up to 100 pounds.

We offer: - Wide range of product styles and quality that can fit any budget – Custom designed and built solution – Reliable Design and Installation – Insured, Licensed and Screened personnel – No Hassle service – Convenient appointments schedule – Lifetime warranty backed by a national company – Prompt and friendly customer service

Regardless of your needs, our team of trained ShelfGenie professionals will make the process, from custom design to final installation of your Glide-Out shelves, a smooth one. Give us a call today to find out how ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelves will enhance your storage capacity and simplify your life!

Happy “gliding!”
Ben Rozenblat
Founder & President of ShelfGenie of New Jersey
(888) 853-8818

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