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Bathroom Remodeling in Portland, Oregon

Improving the appearance of your Portland home’s bathroom should not come at the cost of organization.  Think about your storage situation when contemplating your next bathroom remodeling project.  ShelfGenie sliding shelves can increase your bathroom’s storage which enables you to clear the clutter from your counters, making way for a beautiful presentation.

Bathroom Cabinet in Oregon

Clean out your bathroom cabinets for the last time!  When you install ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelves, the increased visibility and access lead to a better system of organization.  It’s now more convenient than ever to replace everything to the same spot from which it came.  Search no more!

Bathroom Organization for your Portland Home

ShelfGenie designers are trained in the art of organization.  Let us help you organize every room in your Portland, Oregon home.  With our innovative line of sliding shelves we have a solution for every space, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the garage.  At ShelfGenie of Portland, we design for your lifestyle and your budget.

Pull Out Bathroom Shelving in Oregon

If you’re living with the standard, fixed shelves that came with your bathroom cabinet, you’re not realizing the storage potential of your cabinet.  By replacing the shelves with pull out bathroom shelves that full extend to expose all of the shelve’s contents, you’re opening your cabinet up to a whole new level of organization.

Efficient Bathroom Storage

Upgrade your bathroom storage to sliding shelves from ShelfGenie of Portland.  Our sliding shelves are custom made to fit your existing cabinets to the millimeter, providing the maximum amount of storage for your bathroom.  Because each shelf extends fully out of the cabinet, your items are easily seen and retrieved without having to bend down to peer into the back of the shelf.