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Pull Out Kitchen Shelves in Portland

Create your dream kitchen without engaging in a complete kitchen renovation.  ShelfGenie pull out kitchen shelves are designed to replace your current cabinet’s existing fixed shelves.  Pull out shelves create more usable storage by opening up the hidden corners that were previously inaccessible.  Clean your countertops of clutter and admire the organization!

Kitchen Remodeling in Portland, Oregon

Creating an organized kitchen does not require a full remodel.  Consult a ShelfGenie designer in the convenience of your own home, where we can assess your current situation and make recommendations on how best to improve your organization.  Pull out shelves work with your existing cabinets, increasing your usable storage by up to 40%.

Glide-Arounds, Lazy Susans and Blind Corners

Some of the largest cabinets are also some of the hardest to access. Think about the corner cabinets in your kitchen and how tricky it is to reach the back of those corners. ShelfGenie has devised several options that allow you to make better use of this corner storage. Our blind corner solution is a system of sliding shelves that allow you to slide a shelf to the opening in your cabinet from the back corner when the front shelf is extended. We also have the traditional Lazy Susan which spins to present all sides of the storage unit. Combine the sliding shelves with the Lazy Susan and you have our Glide-Around storage unit. Choose what works best for you!

Blind Corner Solutions

Make better use of your corner cabinets by putting the back of each cabinet within easy reach.  ShelfGenie has several solutions to increase accessibility to your blind corners, including our Lazy Susan, Glide-A-Round and sliding blind corner solution.  No matter what the issue, ShelfGenie is sure to have the ideal solution for your Portland home’s kitchen cabinets.

Shelves that Slide

Make your kitchen a place or order and serenity with help from ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelves.  Glide-Out shelves extend out of your cabinets to display all of the items on every shelf.  With this increased visibility comes increased accessibility, and organization follows closely behind.

Kitchen Organization in Portland, Oregon

Whether you love to cook, or loathe to cook, the kitchen is a central gathering place in the home.  Keep it organized with pull out shelving custom made for your existing cabinets by ShelfGenie of Portland.  No need to store bulky appliances on your counters — pull out shelves hold up to 100 pounds, even when fully extended.  And with shelves that extend completely, no need to bend down to reach inside the cabinet for retrieval.