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Pantry Organization in Portland, Oregon

If you’re lucky enough to have a pantry as part of your home, you know the benefits of being able to shop in bulk.  Saving both time and money, bulk shopping needs a hand from your pantry’s shelves.  ShelfGenie sliding shelves are the ideal companion to any pantry, ensuring you can see where everything is and enabling you to find everything with ease when it’s time to cook!  Don’t let your bulk foods go to waste because you couldn’t see them!

Your Portland Kitchen Pantry

Whether your pantry is a standalone, floor-to-ceiling closet or merely a cabinet used for food storage in your kitchen, outfitting it with pull out shelves can increase your usable storage, making your pantry more of an asset than ever.  Sliding shelves help you get to the back of your pantry quicker and easier, making it more likely that you will see what you have in stock and use your items before their expiration.

Pantry Pull Out Shelving

Create more organization in any area, big or small, with help from ShelfGenie of Portland.  ShelfGenie prides itself on its sound construction.  Each shelf holds up to 100 pounds, even when the shelf is completely extended.  Don’t be shy about loading them up with cans, boxes and small appliances that need a home off of your counter tops.

Pantry Organization

Keeping an organized pantry doesn’t mean all of your canned foods are line up in alphabetical order, but it does mean that you can see what you have and that you can get to it when you need it.  ShelfGenie Glide-Out pantry shelves provides the increased visibility and accessibility that your Portland pantry needs.  For more information on  how Glide-Out pantry shelves can help you organize your kitchen pantry, call a ShelfGenie designer today.