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Seattle Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation in Seattle should not only improve the appearance of your bathroom, it should also improve the functionality.  Call for your free consultation and see how Glide-Out shelves and shelving accessories can increase the functionality of your Seattle home’s bathroom.

Bathroom Restoration

For your next bathroom restoration project, invest in ShelfGenie’s innovative Glide-Out shelves and shelving accessories. With our risers, shelves specially designed to fit atop our Glide-Out shelves and around your under-sink plumbing, you can increase your storage capacity while still keeping your existing bathroom cabinet, lowering your bathroom remodeling costs. ShelfGenie offers many solutions for your Seattle home, so call today!

Bathroom Storage in Seattle

Find out what all your neighbors have been talking about when your replace the shelves in your bathroom vanity with Glide-Out shelves by ShelfGenie. Find out just how much storage space you really have with Glide-Out shelves, the shelves that transform your vanity into and organized and easily accessible dream come true. Find out why you loved your bathroom in the first place with Glide-Out shelves and shelving accessories!

Storage for your Bathroom

You can increase your bathroom storage in Seattle by as much as 50% with ShelfGenie shelves and shelving accessories. It can be hard to reach those items at the back of the cabinet in your bathroom, but with Glide-Out shelves by ShelfGenie it’s never been easier to reclaim that lost space! ShelfGenie technicians are standing by to help you set up your free home consultation!

Bathroom Organization

Replace your old bathroom shelves in Seattle with Glide-Out shelves from ShelfGenie and experience better bathroom organization through the increased storage space and easier access inherent in Glide-Outs. By extending your bathroom shelf out to you, all items from the very front to the very back are now within easy reach, making bathroom organization much easier. And with ShelfGenie, you’re never alone. Our designers will walk you through every step of the process, from the initial consultation on your Seattle home, all the way through installation.

Bathroom Shelving in Seattle

If you want to increase your Seattle home’s bathroom shelving space, look no further than Glide-Out shelves and shelving accessories by ShelfGenie. Call for your free design consultation in the comfort of your Seattle home and a trained specialist will analyze your bathroom and create a custom bathroom shelving plan to meet your needs and budget.