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Bonney Lake, WA is a city in Pierce County with a population of 17,374. The city has a total area of 5.5 square miles (14.3 km2) of which 5.4 square miles is land and 0.1 square miles is water.

Pantry Shelving that Slides in Bonney Lake

Ever have problems getting to that bottle of ketchup or George Foreman grill at the rear of your kitchen pantry? To take charge of that cluttered and disorganized pantry, look no further than Glide-Out racks! With ShelfGenie shelving, there will be no more sifting through walls of canned greens to get to that far off bottle of vinegar at the back of the kitchen cupboard. All of your various goodies and appliances will organize effortlessly with these simple-to-use sliding shelves. Go online to ShelfGenie.com and see how pullout drawers can change your life!

Bathroom Shelves that Slide in Bonney Lake

Can’t seem to make everything your bathroom fit nicely? Minimal bath room storage space got you down? Glide-Out shelves by ShelfGenie are the solution to your problems! Gliding technology enables every item in your cabinets to be readily at your disposal with little energy. These units are manufactured to save space, so that your comb, mousse, and hair dryer can all fit in. Getting items from the rear of the cabinet requires a lot of twisting and reaching, but these shelves reduce the amount of effort necessary to do it, so they’re great for older persons. All you have to do is pick up the phone to begin living a less messy life. Call a ShelfGenie pro today to get started with your zero cost evaluation!

Kitchen Shelves that Slide in Bonney Lake

Do your kitchen cabinets look like a warzone because they’re over-full with plates and bowls? Sliding shelving units by ShelfGenie are here to help you take control of kitchen area clutter once and for all! Bowls and plates are at arm’s length because each shelf handily slides, revealing usually distant items. Staples like spices such as basil or bottled items such as oils shelf fast and easily in cabinets. Say sayonara to jumbled large appliances such as Panini grills. Every item that belongs in your lower cabinets will vanish before you can snap your fingers. Accessibility to kitchen upper cupboards can be an issue for senior citizens, so Glide-Out units are a must-have. Start now by calling a ShelfGenie distributor!

Shelving in 98391

Upgrading the shelving in your Bonney Lake home’s kitchen cabinets is the first step to improving your overall kitchen storage. ShelfGenie Glide-Out shelving has been transforming homes throughout the 98391 region for upwards of a decade. Glide-Out shelving, designed to give you easier access to everything in your cabinets while increasing the amount of storage in those cabinets, also creates household organization. Contact ShelfGenie and speak with a trained designer to see how your Bonney Lake home can be transformed with shelving that slides with the touch of a finger.

Kitchen Storage in Bonney Lake

Sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference. Make a huge improvement in your kitchen storage by changing something your friends and neighbors may never see. Glide-Out shelves from ShelfGenie installed in your existing cabinets can increase your kitchen storage by up to 50%. They can also make your kitchen storage more accessible by easily sliding in and out. Contact a ShelfGenie designer for a consultation in your Bonney Lake home and enhance your kitchen storage without the problems and expense of a major kitchen renovation.

Shelving Systems in Bonney Lake

Shelving systems that slide are practical and convenient, but for people with physical limitations they are so much more. Sliding shelving systems bring the contents of your cabinets out to meet you, instead of forcing you to kneel down and crawl inside a cabinet to retrieve an item. For people recovering from surgery, healing from an injury or the elderly wishing to age in the comfort of their own home, sliding shelving systems can help them maintain their independence. Shelving systems from ShelfGenie can transform your kitchen, bath and pantry, making them a pleasure to navigate. Call today to schedule an appointment with a representative from ShelfGenie of Bonney Lake.

Bathroom Storage in Bonney Lake

Sliding shelves with risers from ShelfGenie can help you reclaim unused bathroom storage in your Bonney Lake home. A single-height Glide-Out shelf paired with a riser provides additional bathroom storage otherwise lost to under-sink plumbing. For additional ideas on increasing bathroom storage, contact a ShelfGenie Bonney Lake representative and schedule a free consultation.

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