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Edmonds, WA is a city in Snohomish County located 11 miles north of Seattle. Edmonds has a view of Puget Sound and both the Olympic Mountains and Cascade Range. It is the third most populous city in Snohomish County after Everett and Marysville. The population is 39,709. Edmonds has annually hosted the Edmonds Arts Festival, a three-day art exhibit on Father’s Day weekend. The festival is especially noted for painting and drawing. The festival is heavily involved with local schools devoting several galleries to student artwork.

Pantry Roll Out Shelves in Edmonds

Where typical organizing solutions fail, ShelfGenie is here to help you! You don’t have to sift through walls of canned greens to get that distant bottle of ketchup at the rear of the cupboard any more with pull out drawers. Pull out drawers even make it easy for little ones to get cans of soda and cookies from the kitchen pantry without making a mess. Go online to ShelfGenie.com and see how gliding shelves can change your life!

Bathroom Sliding Shelving in 98020

Sick and tired of bathroom area clutter? Constricted bath room saving space got you down? ShelfGenie’s impressive Glide-Out shelving is the solution to all of your problems! Each one of these new units slides out to ensure that all the things in your cabinets are at your disposal. Hand soap, hairspray, and cleaning supplies will all fit in these drawers because of their space saving structure. Things deep in the rear of cabinets demand a lot of reaching and bending to pick up, so these shelves are tremendous for people with injuries because they reduce the amount of energy required to grab a box or bottle. If you intend to live a significantly less messy life, all you have to do is pick up the telephone. In-home assessments are totally free, so contact a ShelfGenie specialist now to get started.

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves in Edmonds

Can’t decide how to handle all those homeless cups and mugs that will not squeeze in your kitchen storage space? Slide-out shelves by ShelfGenie are here to help you stop kitchen clutter forever! Pots and pans are always at your fingertips because each shelving unit easily slides out, revealing typically distant items. Like that mess never existed, cleaning supplies such as dishwasher tablets disappear into cupboards. Every item in the cooking area is made easier to get by Glide-Out shelves, making them a must-have for people who are injured. See how a ShelfGenie builder can help you by getting in touch now!

Shelving in 98020

Easier shelving access and better organization are two benefits homeowners in the Edmonds area realize when they install a custom pull out shelving solution from ShelfGenie. Glide-Out shelving is designed to place the deepest regions of your cabinet within easy reach, while holding items up to 100 pounds on each shelf! ShelfGenie has a customized shelving solution to meet your every need.

Kitchen Storage in 98020

ShelfGenie, a leading manufacturer and installer of eco-friendly sliding shelving, has been providing customized kitchen storage solutions for more than a decade. Sliding shelves increase your kitchen storage in Edmonds while making your shelves more accessible, gliding in and out with the touch of a finger. For more information on increasing kitchen storage with sliding shelves, contact a ShelfGenie representative today, serving the 98020 region and beyond.

Shelving Systems in Edmonds

Add value to your Edmonds home when you upgrade your home’s cabinets with Glide-Out shelving systems from ShelfGenie. Glide-Out shelving systems in Edmonds are designed to improve access to items within your cabinets. How? By bringing the shelf out to you! With these hard-to-reach places more accessible, you gain valuable storage space you never imagined existed. Call ShelfGenie today to learn more about Glide-Out shelving systems for your 98020 home.

Bathroom Storage in Edmonds

Your lack of proper bathroom storage may not be the fault of your cabinet. It might just be your shelving that is to blame. Call ShelfGenie and learn how you can increase the bathroom storage space in your Edmonds home while making your storage more accessible when you install sliding shelves. Sliding shelves will transform your existing bathroom cabinets, giving you more bathroom storage than you previously thought possible. Call ShelfGenie today and see how we can improve your 98020 area home.

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