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Mill Creek, WA is a city in Snohomish County. It is located approximately 20 miles north-northeast of downtown Seattle. With a population of 18,244, Mill Creek contains several neighborhood and community parks and recreational facilities including Nickel Creek Park, Heron Park, Cougar Park and the Mill Creek Sports Park. There is also the private golf course around which the original community was built as well as a nature preserve through which Penny Creek flows. County parks located near the city include McCollum Park and North Creek Park.

Kitchen Shelves that Slide in 98012

Are your marble counters littered with cookware that you just don’t seem to have cabinet space for? Sliding shelves by ShelfGenie are here to help you take control of kitchen area messes forever! Pots and pans that are commonly stuck in the back of the cabinet are easily made available by these shelf units that slide out nicely and easily. Commodities like glasses for champagne or lunch plates stow fast and painlessly in upper cabinets. Large appliances such as electric griddles disappear into cabinets like that mess never existed. Everything in the cooking area is made readily available by Glide-Out units, making them a necessity for the elderly. Get in touch with a ShelfGenie builder today for your cost-free home estimate!

Bathroom Shelves that Slide in 98012

Tired of bathroom mess? Limited bathroom storage space got you down? Innovative Glide-Out shelving by ShelfGenie are the solution to your difficulties! Each of these progressive products glides out so that all the things in your cabinets is at your convenience. You won’t have an issue fitting things like hair combs, mousse, and blow dryers because each and every unit is manufactured to conserve space. Getting items from the rear of the cabinet requires lots of bending and reaching, but these racks reduce the amount of work necessary to do it, so they’re good for older persons. If you want to live a significantly less cluttered life, all you need to do is pick up the phone. In-home evaluations are totally free, so simply call a ShelfGenie expert right now to get started.

Pantry Shelving that Slides in 98012

Ever have difficulty getting that bottle of vinegar or mixer at the back of your kitchen cupboard? Where normal organizing solutions fall short, ShelfGenie is here to help you! In just a matter of minutes, you can organize that sloppy pantry with ease with these Glide-Out racks. All your different snacks and home appliances will organize conveniently with these easy to use slide out shelves. For the perfect cooking area cupboard organizer for your home, check out ShelfGenie.com!

Shelving in Mill Creek

Easier shelving access and better organization are two benefits homeowners in the Mill Creek area realize when they install a custom pull out shelving solution from ShelfGenie. Glide-Out shelving is designed to place the deepest regions of your cabinet within easy reach, while holding items up to 100 pounds on each shelf! ShelfGenie has a customized shelving solution to meet your every need.

Kitchen Storage in 98012

Sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference. Make a huge improvement in your kitchen storage by changing something your friends and neighbors may never see. Glide-Out shelves from ShelfGenie installed in your existing cabinets can increase your kitchen storage by up to 50%. They can also make your kitchen storage more accessible by easily sliding in and out. Contact a ShelfGenie designer for a consultation in your Mill Creek home and enhance your kitchen storage without the problems and expense of a major kitchen renovation.

Shelving Systems in Mill Creek

Shelving systems that slide are practical and convenient, but for people with physical limitations they are so much more. Sliding shelving systems bring the contents of your cabinets out to meet you, instead of forcing you to kneel down and crawl inside a cabinet to retrieve an item. For people recovering from surgery, healing from an injury or the elderly wishing to age in the comfort of their own home, sliding shelving systems can help them maintain their independence. Shelving systems from ShelfGenie can transform your kitchen, bath and pantry, making them a pleasure to navigate. Call today to schedule an appointment with a representative from ShelfGenie of Mill Creek.

Bathroom Storage in Mill Creek

Your lack of proper bathroom storage may not be the fault of your cabinet. It might just be your shelving that is to blame. Call ShelfGenie and learn how you can increase the bathroom storage space in your Mill Creek home while making your storage more accessible when you install sliding shelves. Sliding shelves will transform your existing bathroom cabinets, giving you more bathroom storage than you previously thought possible. Call ShelfGenie today and see how we can improve your 98012 area home.

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