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Puyallup, WA is a city in Pierce County, Washington about five miles (8 km) east of Tacoma. The population of the city is about 37,022. Puyallup is home to the Puyallup Fair, the largest annual privately run fair in Washington attracting over 1 million people a year.

Pantry Roll Out Shelves in Puyallup

Ever have difficulty getting to that bottle of ketchup or George Foreman grill at the rear of your cupboard? Glide out racks are the answer to all of your cupboard organization troubles! With ShelfGenie drawers, there will be no more digging through walls of canned vegetables to get that out of the way bottle of ketchup at the back of the kitchen pantry. Pull out shelves even make it simple for little ones to get cans of soda and cookies from the kitchen pantry without making a mess. Take the first step toward a more organized life and check out ShelfGenie.com!

Bathroom Sliding Shelving in Puyallup

Does your bathroom look like a disaster? Trying to enhance your bathroom area storage area while using space that you currently have? The solution to your issues: ShelfGenie’s cutting edge Glide-Out cabinets! Each one of these advanced units slides out to ensure that everything in your cabinets is at your disposal. These units are made to save space, so that your brush, hair gel, and blow dryer can all fit. And they’re just the thing for senior citizens because they lessen the level of bending and reaching required to get items deep in the back of cabinets. The start of a significantly less untidy life is only a telephone call away. Begin now by dialing a ShelfGenie expert to arrange your free evaluation.

Kitchen Pull Out Shelves in Puyallup

Don’t know how to deal with all those homeless pots and pans that won’t store in your cabinets? Get your disorganized kitchen composed today with ShelfGenie’s leading-edge sliding shelving units! Each shelf coasts out without a hitch, so that you can grab that hard-to-reach cupcake tin or baking sheet. Commodities like glasses for beer or soup bowls store fast and easily in top cabinets. Everything in the cooking area is made more accessible by Glide-Out shelving systems, making them a must-have for people with injuries. Contact a ShelfGenie expert now for your complimentary appointment!

Shelving in 98375

Change the way you feel about cooking and cleaning in your Puyallup kitchen when you replace your home’s current shelving system with Glide-Out shelving from ShelfGenie. Our professionally trained designers work with you to create a custom shelving solution to meet your family’s storage and organizational needs. For a free design consultation in the 98375 area, call ShelfGenie, and get cooking!

Kitchen Storage in 98375

Want to create more kitchen storage in your 98375 home? Don’t start planning a major overhaul! Keep your existing kitchen cabinets and call ShelfGenie, the kitchen storage experts. ShelfGenie is a leading provider of Glide-Out shelving, custom-designed to address your specific kitchen storage and organization needs. Improve your Puyallup home’s value while improving your kitchen storage and more importantly, improving your life.

Shelving Systems in Puyallup

Add value to your Puyallup home when you upgrade your home’s cabinets with Glide-Out shelving systems from ShelfGenie. Glide-Out shelving systems in Puyallup are designed to improve access to items within your cabinets. How? By bringing the shelf out to you! With these hard-to-reach places more accessible, you gain valuable storage space you never imagined existed. Call ShelfGenie today to learn more about Glide-Out shelving systems for your 98375 home.

Bathroom Storage in Puyallup

Your lack of proper bathroom storage may not be the fault of your cabinet. It might just be your shelving that is to blame. Call ShelfGenie and learn how you can increase the bathroom storage space in your Puyallup home while making your storage more accessible when you install sliding shelves. Sliding shelves will transform your existing bathroom cabinets, giving you more bathroom storage than you previously thought possible. Call ShelfGenie today and see how we can improve your 98375 area home.

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