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Snohomish, WA is a city in Snohomish County. The population is about 9,098. The mayor of Snohomish is Karen Guzak and the City Manager is Larry Bauman. Snohomish prides itself for its’ historical downtown and was once known for its many antique shops when it was known as the “Antique Capital of the Northwest.”

Kitchen Shelves that Slide in 98296

Don’t know what to do with all those homeless kitchen appliances that don’t store in your cabinets? Slide-out shelving by ShelfGenie are here to help you conquer kitchen clutter for good! Bowls and plates that are commonly stuck in the back of the cabinet are handily put at your fingertips by these shelving systems that pull out with ease. Easily store glasses for margaritas or fruit bowls in upper cabinets. Glasses for beer or bottled items such as soy sauce effortlessly get put away in upper cabinets. Say sayonara to jumbled large appliances such as Panini grills. Every item that belongs in your cabinets will fade like that mess never existed. Ability to access kitchen upper cupboards can be trouble for people who are injured, so Glide-Out units are a must-buy. Begin today by getting a hold of a ShelfGenie builder!

Bathroom Shelves that Slide in 98296

Does your bathroom look like a warzone? Ever feel like giving up on trying to get your bath room orderly? ShelfGenie’s modern Glide-Out drawers are the answer to all of your problems! It only takes a little effort for everything your bathroom area cabinets to be at your fingertips because these drawers glide out. You will not have an problem fitting things like hair combs, hairspray, and hair dryers because every unit is manufactured to conserve space. Getting items from the back of the cabinet requires a lot of bending and reaching, but these shelves lessen the amount of effort necessary to do it, so they’re suitable for folks of any age. If you want to live a significantly less chaotic life, all you need to do is pick up the telephone. Call a ShelfGenie professional today to begin with your no cost evaluation!

Pantry Shelving that Slides in 98296

Cooking area cupboards will have a habit of getting unorganized and chaotic without us even taking notice. ShelfGenie is the ideal method for any type of disorganized or messy kitchen pantry! Efficiently arrange any messy cupboard simply with ShelfGenie’s shelving in a matter of minutes. Your youngsters won’t have to make a massive mess just to find a can of soda or treats from the rear of the pantry with ShelfGenie shelves. Go online to ShelfGenie.com and see how pullout drawers can change your life!

Kitchen Storage in 98296

ShelfGenie, a leading manufacturer and installer of eco-friendly sliding shelving, has been providing customized kitchen storage solutions for more than a decade. Sliding shelves increase your kitchen storage in Snohomish while making your shelves more accessible, gliding in and out with the touch of a finger. For more information on increasing kitchen storage with sliding shelves, contact a ShelfGenie representative today, serving the 98296 region and beyond.

Shelving Systems in Snohomish

Add value to your Snohomish home when you upgrade your home’s cabinets with Glide-Out shelving systems from ShelfGenie. Glide-Out shelving systems in Snohomish are designed to improve access to items within your cabinets. How? By bringing the shelf out to you! With these hard-to-reach places more accessible, you gain valuable storage space you never imagined existed. Call ShelfGenie today to learn more about Glide-Out shelving systems for your 98296 home.

Bathroom Storage in Snohomish

Sliding shelves with risers from ShelfGenie can help you reclaim unused bathroom storage in your Snohomish home. A single-height Glide-Out shelf paired with a riser provides additional bathroom storage otherwise lost to under-sink plumbing. For additional ideas on increasing bathroom storage, contact a ShelfGenie Snohomish representative and schedule a free consultation.

Bathroom Shelves in 98296

Reduce bathroom clutter and increase the efficiency of your daily routine with Glide-Out bathroom shelves from ShelfGenie. Find more space than you ever dreamed possible with a customized Glide-Out shelving solution in place of your existing bathroom shelves. Using your existing cabinets, let a ShelfGenie designer help you imagine what is possible for your bathroom shelves. For a free consultation in your Snohomish home, call ShelfGenie today.

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