Choosing Custom Pull-Out Kitchen Shelves in Atlanta

Kitchen Shelves

ShelfGenie® of Atlanta makes your kitchen easier to use and navigate by transforming your kitchen storage space with customized kitchen shelves. We improve on existing cabinetry, maximizing on all available space with custom Glide-Out Shelving® and other unique design features. Our stylish, functional design solutions can increase your overall utilized storage space by as much as fifty percent, while making sure you can reach every part of your cupboards and pantry.

In doing so, we can breathe new life into your kitchen space, re-organizing food ingredients, appliances, waste baskets, and more. Our full-extension custom pull-out shelves help you browse and access items at the very back of your cupboards in your kitchen. For homes in Atlanta, it’s the perfect way to make an investment in the comfort of your kitchen.

Our Approach To Transforming Home Storage Beyond the Kitchen in Atlanta

At ShelfGenie of Atlanta, we don’t stop at re-thinking kitchen storage. We can also transform bathrooms, garages, home offices, and other areas of your home, easing the many stress points that come with home storage that isn’t functioning for your needs.

Most closets and cupboards in homes are built with standardized and fixed shelves that make it difficult to use all the available space. People often resort to stacking items on top of one another, or leaving frequently used products on the front of the cabinets while under-utilizing the space in the back.

We can provide custom storage solutions for every room in your home, from under-the-sink shelves that are designed to fit around your bathroom pipes to kitchen shelves that use the full height of your cabinets. ShelfGenie of Atlanta can sort and store items by their function and their size, grouping together all your kitchen cleaning products below the sink, or placing cookware in custom-built pull-out shelves that increase 100% accessibility.

With our Glide-Out Shelving, which can offer custom pull-out shelves that fully extend on high quality & durable rails, you’ll be able to find and grab anything you need in the moment it’s needed.

Kitchen Shelves in Atlanta Built To Last

With our company, you get a design team that’s completely based right here in Fulton County. For in-home consultations, we have Designers who can travel to homes throughout the region, including:

  • Northern Metro-Atlanta
  • Atlanta

We live here and work here, and we know how important it is to have functional kitchen that is a hub of gathering. Our custom pull-out shelves are built in the United States, handcrafted with care. We’re closely involved from beginning to end, from initial design to final installation, so we can make sure you get the streamlined kitchen you deserve.

Learn more about the many ways we can customize your kitchen shelves. Call ShelfGenie of Atlanta at 888-903-8839 for more details.

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