Pull Out Shelves in Baltimore: How We Take Clutter Out Of The Kitchen

pull out shelves

At ShelfGenie® of Baltimore, we know the power of a perfectly organized kitchen. We can remove clutter, stress, and chaos from the kitchen by making it fit your needs. We re-organize kitchen cabinets, install pull out shelves, and otherwise take measures to increase your storage options.

When you find yourself stressed by the sight of the kitchen, it usually means that the layout, storage, or functionality isn’t working for you on some level. Our Designers can identify those issues and create a space that’s inviting, practical, and effortless.

If you need a spice, a pan, or an appliance, you should be able to pull out shelves, get what you want, and keep on going. Putting items back shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming. At ShelfGenie of Baltimore, we organize and re-design the way your space works. We can help you discover the joy of the kitchen again.

We Improve Kitchens with Pull Out Shelves

A spacious kitchen that’s easy to use is one that’s more appealing to spend time in. We can give you that kitchen by re-designing storage, re-thinking where items are stored, and increasing the storage space you have.

We custom design and build pull out shelves, with features like dividers, spice racks, and other upgrades, in a way looks stylish while improving how your kitchen works. For homes in Baltimore, the options are endless, but these are just some of the ways we can take clutter the kitchen:

  • We sort and group items by category. It’s common for kitchen items to get mixed in with each other. But then finding what you need becomes a challenge. We sort and group items by category and height, for a streamlined look and more intuitive storage.
  • We build custom racks and shelves. When your cabinetry isn’t configured to your needs, you might have extra space at the tops of shelves that you can’t use. We re-arrange your storage situation by installing pull out shelves, built-in racks, and other custom add-ons.
  • We increase storage space. For homes in Baltimore, we can often increase storage by as much as fifty percent! We do that by designing solutions that include double-wide shelves, removing cabinet styles, and replacing half-shelves with full shelves. In doing so, we free up space in the rest of your kitchen, too.

Get a preview of your kitchen with pull out shelves, bins, and other custom upgrades. You can schedule a free design consultation for your home with ShelfGenie of Baltimore at (888) 903-8839.

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