Re-Thinking Your Kitchen Shelves in Gardendale 

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If you’ve downsized to a smaller home recently, it’s only natural to feel the crunch of less space. But ShelfGenie® of Birmingham can help. We increase your storage capacity and the reach of your space, with brand-new kitchen shelves and other organizing solutions in Gardendale.

Lack of proper storage can cause any space to feel cramped, cluttered, or chaotic. That’s especially true when you’re contending with less space in your home overall. Cabinets, cupboards, and pantries often come with uniform-height shelves. These are typically stacked too far apart for you to use all the space that’s truly there. We change that, replacing shelves that don’t work with brand-new, fully extendable shelving.

Not only does that give you easy access to every corner of your storage, it also gives us the opportunity to increase your storage capacity by as much as 50%. Your space might be smaller but it doesn’t have to feel that way. We can bring joy back into your kitchen with a few easy fixes.

A New Approach For Kitchen Shelves in Gardendale

With ShelfGenie of Birmingham, you’ll always get a personalized approach to kitchen redesign. We never make any changes to the outward appearance of counters, cupboards, or other kitchen surfaces. Instead, we focus all our efforts on the insides of kitchen storage, reconfiguring and re-hauling the way your cabinets are designed from the inside.

We swap standard kitchen shelves in Gardendale with elegant Glide-Out Shelving® that fully extends on sleek railing. We erase clutter from countertops, stoves, and other surfaces, finding a proper place for every kitchen implement and cooking ingredient inside kitchen storage. We streamline the way your shelves are laid out, so that prep items are always stored near the prep area, and cookware is within quick reach of the stove.

In short, we make it simple and straightforward to find everything in your kitchen, and to replace every item just as quickly.

Full, Professional Installation With Shelves That Last From ShelfGenie of Birmingham

When you choose our Glide-Out Shelves, you’ll get the comfort of knowing your shelves will last. We don’t just design our shelves with you in mind. They’re also built by hand with sturdy materials and premium-quality finishes, so they can truly withstand the pressures of weight and time.

We’ll even take care of the full installation for all homeowners we assist, no matter where you’re located, such as:

For homeowners in Gardendale, it’s never been easier to get kitchen shelves you love. Call ShelfGenie of Birmingham at (888) 903-8839 to learn more about our simple, three-step process.

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