Pull Out Shelves in Birmingham: Increase Kitchen Storage Space

pull out shelves

At ShelfGenie® of Birmingham, we increase storage space in your kitchen, so it works better for you. We re-think the way you use cabinets, drawers, and the pantry. By installing pull out shelves, we can improve access and increase storage space.

Our Glide-Out Shelving® is just one way we can completely transform the way your kitchen feels. These sleek, extendable shelves can carry up to a hundred pounds of weight, and can be configured by size and shape to fit inside your existing cabinets. Let’s take a look at how this feature can re-shape the way you use your kitchen.

3 Ways Pull Out Shelves Relieve Stress

When it’s difficult to clean, cook, prep, or move around your kitchen, there’s usually a few pressure points that are causing undue stress. Before we start re-envisioning your space, we consider the ways in which your kitchen isn’t functioning as well as it could. With our custom shelving, here’s a few common pressure points we can address and minimize:

  • You don’t have enough space. Most pantries are built with tall shelves. That’s great for fitting in big bulk items like flour or juice—but with shorter items, like teas, cans, and spices, you can’t maximize the space that’s there. We can add custom Glide-Out Shelving that allows you to take full advantage of that extra vertical space.
  • You can’t reach. For cabinets that are too high up, or have deep shelving, accessing the items you need can be difficult or even precarious. We can change that. Pull down shelves let you access out-of-reach cupboards, while our pull out shelves are ideal for retrieving items stored at the back of your cabinets.
  • There’s too much clutter. We reduce clutter wherever it is found in your kitchen, from floors and counters to storage clutter. For homes in Birmingham, our Triple-Height Shelving keeps garbage bins off the floors but close by. Custom dividers are perfect for organizing and separating cookware, bakeware, and food storage containers.

Imagine you had more than enough storage, minimal clutter, and easy access to everything you needed. Our team will help you achieve that dream, so you can take pleasure in spending time in your kitchen again.

With our inventive pull out shelves, we can increase storage space by as much as 50% in any cabinet. Contact ShelfGenie of Birmingham to learn more about getting started: (888) 903-8839.

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