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Pull Out Shelving Kitchen Solutions

2 Ways ShelfGenie Designers Change Clients’ Lives

February 10, 2016

Kay Mundy is a ShelfGenie designer in San Antonio. Kay graciously gave us a few minutes of her time to talk about pantry organization and how pull-out shelves can make an impact in a home.

Pull Out Shelving Kitchen Solutions

“I was a customer before I became a client,” laughs Kay Mundy of San Antonio. “My pantry was incredibly small and not very accessible.”

Naturally, this was a pain point for Kay. Until the day she came across a solution—literally. In the form of ShelfGenie pull-out shelves.

“The organization I have now is just awesome. Probably my favorite thing is being able to use the right tools for the right task. I used to just grab out whatever was in front. Now, I have Glide-Outs so I can access exactly what I need.”

Kay loved her newfound organization from ShelfGenie so much that she actually became a designer for ShelfGenie.

“Now I have the privilege of doing for my clients what ShelfGenie did for me. I can change lives by helping people organize their space.”

So what are the two biggest things Kay offers her customers?

Organization. “In the kitchen, organization is key. When you’re organized, it’s easier to find things and to put things away. That’s the beauty of the pull-out shelves from ShelfGenie. The Glide-Out shelves actually help you accomplish more because you’re working smarter and faster.”

Relief. “Sometimes, customers are completely overwhelmed. Some of them have so many gadgets and machines and appliances. They’d love to use them but they’re overwhelmed with getting them out. When I show them that we can put a shelf above their oven, they get excited. Because they’re excited to use these things again.”

Turning customers’ pain points and frustration into pleasure with the help of pull-out shelves? Just another day for Kay Mundy.


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