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Holiday Joy

3 Ways To Find More Joy This Season

December 8, 2016

With the holiday season upon us, most folks are in a pretty joyful mood these days. Whether you’re listening to holiday music in your car or making your gift list (and checking it twice), ‘tis the season for joy.

Holiday Season Joy

ShelfGenie knows all about joy. After all, it’s what we bring to our clients when we transform their spaces.

Speaking of transforming spaces, here are three ways we can help you find more joy this holiday season.

  1. Perfect Your Pantry
    Face it, for many of us, the pantry is the heart of our kitchen. It could also be called “mission control.” Yet, despite its importance, it can often be a crowded, disorganized area where it’s difficult to access the things we need.That’s where we come in. Our custom-designed pantry Solutions will bring organization and order to any pantry (not to mention easier access to everything in it).
  2. De-clutter Your Cabinets
    Cluttered cabinets can often mean chaotic cabinets (and that’s not a good thing). At ShelfGenie, we pride ourselves on transforming your frustration and pain into enjoyment and love (AKA eliminating chaos). Imagine taking your stack of pots and pans and organizing them neatly. Or what if your heavy mixer or pressure cooker were in a place that made them easier to access? It’s all possible with ShelfGenie.
  3. Enjoy More Room In Your Bathroom
    Your bathroom doesn’t get as much traffic as, say, your kitchen but that doesn’t mean it’s not a source of frustration. After all, it’s pretty annoying when you open your cabinets and can’t find your shampoo, razors, or mouthwash. Custom pull-out shelving Solutions from ShelfGenie not only organize your bathroom items, they make them easier to access, as well.

To learn more about how ShelfGenie can help you find more joy in your home this season⎯and all year round⎯schedule a complimentary Design consultation today.