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Pull Out Shelving Kitchen Solutions

Create Your Own Kitchen Bar

February 11, 2016

A kitchen coffee bar is a glorious thing—assuming it’s equipped with everything you need to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Learn how you can make your own kitchen coffee bar.

Pull Out Shelving Kitchen Solutions

Betcha that headline got your attention the same way a triple shot of espresso would. But the fact of the matter is that there’s just something wonderful about a coffee shop.

The smells. The cool music. The frothiness of your cappuccino. And, of course, the coffee.

While you can’t create an exact replica of a coffee shop in your own house (unless you want to hire a hipster barista with a long beard to stand next to your espresso machine), you can create your own kitchen coffee bar. And ShelfGenie can help you do it.

ShelfGenie has pull-out shelving solutions that can easily turn a corner of your kitchen into your own personal kitchen coffee bar.

ShelfGenie pull-out shelves are wide enough and tall enough to easily house your coffee maker, Keurig, or espresso machine. This wonderful solution makes it easy to save precious counter space while also making it accessible for you to reach your beloved coffee maker.

But what about the coffee itself? From bags of coffee beans to filters, you can conveniently store everything on a Glide-Out shelf. Or if you’re more of a K-cup kind of person, ShelfGenie has convenient pull-out shelves to accommodate those too.

ShelfGenie might not be able to turn a corner of your kitchen into a corner coffee shop but, when it comes to a kitchen coffee bar that houses all your coffee needs, they sure can give you a latte to be happy about.


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