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Get organized. Reach your goals.

Get organized & reach your goals

July 28, 2016

Whether it’s to exercise more or dine out less, everyone has goals. However, even simple goals can be difficult to reach when your space is distracting you from what you’d like to accomplish.

Organize your home to help you reach your goals.

To organize your home to help you stay motivated, take a look at these helpful tips.

Goal: Eat healthier.
When the first thing you see in your pantry is a big bag of potato chips, it’s hard to eat healthy. So if you’d like to stick to a more nutritional diet, put the foods you’d like to eat more of front and center in your pantry. You could also keep your less healthy snacks on the top or bottom shelves so they’re not staring at you when you open the door. That way, you’ll be more inclined to pick granola or dried fruit over the chips and candy.

Goal: Get cooking.
If your kitchenware is crammed in the corner of your cabinet, it may seem easier to order a pizza than it is to grab your pots and pans. Though there’s a simple way to make yourself cook more. With ShelfGenie Solutions, reaching your cooking supplies is simple. In fact, you could probably do so faster than it’d take to place your order.

Goal: Find your Zen.
When your home is cluttered, letting go of your thoughts to meditate or practice yoga can seem impossible. Try organizing a special space that you can use to de-stress and find some peace. This place should be open, clean, and inspiring—so make sure your yoga mat and scented candles are organized and easy to access in a nearby cabinet. 

Goal: Stop getting distracted.
Focusing on work is difficult when your desk is covered in papers, gadgets, and old coffee cups. To cut distractions from your space, you’ll first need to cut the clutter. Then, group your belongings into categories. You may want your files in one cabinet, and your paper clips, pens, notebooks, and other supplies in another cabinet. By making sure you know where everything is, it’s easier to feel motivated throughout the day.

Goal: Turn the page.
Chances are, you have at least one book lying around that you haven’t found the time to read. However, you’d be much more likely to find the time to read if your books were organized and easy to access. If you’d like to read more, create a reading nook in your living room, bedroom, or entertainment center. Once you’ve created your reading space, organize your books. You could organize them by author, genre, or even by color. Just make sure the books on your reading list are easy to find!

Goal: Exercise more.
Having your exercise equipment nearby is one of the best ways to motivate yourself to work up a sweat. Try creating an exercise zone in a space that’ll encourage you. For example, you could keep your water bottle, sunglasses, and helmet in an organized zone near your front door to remind you to bike to work. If you enjoy running, place your sneakers by your dog’s leash. That way, it’ll be harder to say no to exercise.

For help creating these organized zones, schedule a complimentary in-home Design consultation with a ShelfGenie Designer. Simply call us at (888) 903-8839 or visit our website.


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