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Speed up meal prep with ShelfGenie

Speed up meal prep with these 3 tips.

June 9, 2016

Everyone loves home cooked meals. For most people, preparing them is another story . But what if your kitchen was organized and your items were easy to reach?

With ShelfGenie you can speed up meal prep time

With ShelfGenie Solutions, cooking dinner is easier, quicker, and more exciting. See how you can increase meal preparation efficiency with these simple tips.

  1. Declutter your kitchen.
    Cooking isn’t easy when you feel cramped in your kitchen. To simplify cooking, declutter everything from your drawers to your pantry. See what you c an give away or toss, like that extra coffee maker or those broken popsicle molds. If you want to easily find everything you own, you should get rid of things you n ever use. This will help you save space in cabinets and on your countertops.
  2. Create organized zones.
    Even making homemade linguini is simple when you know where to find everything from the pasta maker to the instruction manual. Use your cabinets and drawers to create unique zones—like bakeware, cookware, cutlery, and more. Also, finding and reaching your items is even easier with pull-out shelves that bring everything you need straight to you.
  3. Make cooking fun.
    When you enjoy cooking, the meal tastes even better. Get inspired to prepare something you’ll love, whether it’s a four course meal or a simple salad. By storing all your cookbooks, recipes, and cooking magazines in one place—like a slope cookbook Solution—it’s easy to get motivated in the kitchen.


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