February 18, 2022

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If you're looking for a cutting board solution and design this article might help you. Here we offer tips on how you can improve your kitchen cutting board design.

When you are designing a new kitchen or kitchen remodel, every option to save space or add functionality matters. A pull out cutting board adds extra counter space to your kitchen without taking up extra space, so it checks all the boxes.

Slide out cutting boards are one of those little touches that most kitchens do not have. However, once you are used to the convenience they offer, you will probably wonder why any kitchen lacks them!

Pull Out Cutting Board Design

Traditionally, pull out cutting boards were used to slice dry products like bread. They were made of solid wood and usually operated on a simple wooden drawer runner system. These days, there are many options you could choose from when designing a pull out cutting board for your kitchen. These include the size, the material you want it made from, and the hardware it will use to slide.

Cutting Board Materials

Cutting board material

When designing a kitchen with a custom pull out cutting board, it is important to choose the right material. You might decide to match the finish and style of your cabinets, islands and drawers. Or, you may opt for something like butcher block or solid wood. These are great choices because they are durable, hard-wearing, and designed as cutting surfaces.

Painted and coated surfaces are much less durable, and you might have to use a traditional cutting board on top of the slide out to ensure it stays in good condition.

Placement of Slide Out Cutting Boards

If you are planning to add a pull out cutting board to your kitchen cabinet design, consider where you are going to place it very carefully.

Pull out cutting boards are most convenient if they are placed close to your sink and utensil drawers, so you can have everything you need close by. It is also a great idea to install one directly over a larger drawer that holds your kitchen garbage can, so you can easily slide it out and dispose of any scraps and mess.

Slide out cabinet components like pull out cutting boards should not be installed opposite other drawers, cabinets or appliances that also open. This makes it easier to use them and prevents unwanted kitchen-use conflicts.

Pull Out Cutting Board Pulls and Hardware

Many built in cutting boards use simple wooden runners, much like old fashioned drawers. However, if you prefer a heavier duty option or want a soft close system, you can have them installed with a variety of runners. These operate on smooth and easy to use rollers that will not catch or stick.

Your slide out cutting board can have a front face that matches the surrounding drawers, so it disappears seamlessly when not in use. Or you can choose from a variety of handles and pulls that make it easy to pull out when needed.

Hole or No Hole

cutting board, drawer, cut-out, pull-out

While you are designing your pull out cutting board, decide if you want to include a hole for easy waste disposal. This might reduce the space of small pull out cutting boards too much, but if you are installing a larger unit, it is a great addition.

If you choose to include a hole, ensure that your built in cutting board is installed above a cabinet or drawer that contains your garbage cans. You can also opt to include a custom cover for the hole, so you can keep it closed when cutting and open when you need to use it.

Design Advice

cutting board design

Designing a new kitchen or kitchen remodel is always exciting, but there is a lot to consider.

If you find that you are struggling to decide on details like pull out cutting boards, and where you want to place everything in your new kitchen, you might need professional advice.

Whether it is choosing the right material, design details or functional extras, there are lots of things to consider. So if you are struggling to decide what the perfect solution for your space is, why not reach out? Our team is always happy to answer any questions you have about pull out cutting boards and other kitchen must haves. We can give you all the information you need to make informed decisions, and create the kitchen of your dreams.

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