January 19, 2022

Shoe Storage for Small Spaces: 15 Cute Ideas

Too many shoes but you got small space? To make the most of the space of your home, here are 15 cute ideas for your shoe storage.

We have discussed small space living solutions before, but today we’re going to narrow the discussion down to shoe storage for small spaces. So, if you have ever felt like you’re out of options on how to better organize your space for shoes, just know that this article is for you.

No outfit is complete without shoes, but what do you do with your favorite pair when you are not wearing them? As fun as a shoe collection is, small space living can make it difficult to keep yours organized. There isn’t always room for big, heavy shelves – and sometimes you just want a shoe storage solution that isn’t going to break the bank.

Clever Shoe Storage for Small Spaces

1. Box Storage

shoes, boxed shoes, shoe display rack

Compartmentalizing your shoe collection may seem counterintuitive, but it is a great way to organize space. Using compartments like small boxes lets you arrange your shoe side by side, but also gives you the option to stack them if you need to make use of virtual space.

2. Shoe Cubby

shoe storage, shoe cubby, shoe storage organization

If you have a cubby at home, then you have a ready-made shoe storage solution. Cubbies work well because they only need space along a wall. Unlike a static shelf, the modular design lets you dedicate a cubby hole to each pair of shoes, giving you even more options to organize them. You can even take an extra creative step and arrange your shoes by theme, color, or occasion!

3. Shoe Rack

shoe rack, metal shoe rack, storage for pumps

Nothing beats a classic shoe rack, but you don’t have to go out and buy one. You can convert any piece of shelved or racked furniture into a shoe rack. The important thing is that racks make use of vertical space, which also keeps your shoes off the floor if you want to avoid that.

4. Mini Shelf

shelf storage, shoe shelf, shelf organization for shoes

As nice as it would be to have a wall-to-wall shoe display, that’s not always an option in small spaces. A low shelf does the same thing while taking up a lot less space. Because low shelves tend to be no higher than a console table, you can also make use of the space on top of the shelf for extra storage.

5. Cabinet Top

cabinet top storage, cabinet storage

Sometimes the easiest shoe storage solution is the one you have already. Fixed cabinets may not offer much versatility, but if yours has space on top, make use of it! Cabinet tops are a great way to display your favorite shoes high up, just be sure to keep the surface clean!

6. Box Them Up

shoebox, shoe storage, boxed shoes

If you are someone who likes to keep their shoeboxes around, then consider using them for added storage! While you can fit your shoes anywhere you can fit the box, shoeboxes also offer protection against dust, direct sunlight, and any shoe-loving bugs like moths that may be around. Make use of your shoeboxes to keep your favorite pairs in pristine condition!

7. Low Rack

boots, boot storage, boot rack

A low rack is a single platform that keeps your shoes low to the ground while keeping them off the floor. It’s a raised platform, which can be useful if you struggle to reach down. Low racks also reduce dust collection and offer a neat alternative that you can keep in the storage closet or right by the front door.

8. Hanging shelf

shelf, shoes, shoe storage

Hanging shelves take up much less space than their free-standing counterparts, making them perfect for small space storage. Even heavy boots are light enough to keep on most properly designed hanging shelves. The design also means you can install hanging shelves at whatever height is comfortable for you, so you can convert them to mounted low racks or overhead shelves as needed.

9. Mini Pedestal

shoe pedestal, sneaker storage, open shoe storage

You don’t have to keep your favorite pair of shoes in the dark. Pedestals are fantastic open storage options because they double as displays while helping you organize your storage space. Small pedestals can be placed anywhere, from shelves to tabletops, giving you more options without the risk of scuff marks or creating an untidy space.

10. Barstool Display

open shoe storage, converted furniture storage

Wondering what to do with that old low stool no one uses anymore? Why not turn it into a shoe display? Stools with horizontal leg supports are even better – they give you a second surface to use as storage! Old furniture can make for great storage if it’s kept in good condition. If it isn’t, you can always turn it into a DIY refurbishing project to breathe life into your storage space!

11. Dedicated Under-The-Counter Nook

under the counter storage, shoe nook, sneaker nook

We love displays, but sometimes you want your shoes out of sight, and out of mind. You can turn any under space into a shoe storage nook; it’s usually just a matter of location. Standing wardrobes and mounted console tables offer a lot of room that you can convert into shoe storage, especially if you use those items for clothing.

12. Shoe Corner

shoe corner, corner storage

Creating more space isn’t always easy, so whenever you can make use of the space you already have, do so! Making room for your shoes can be as easy as dedicating a corner of a room to shoe storage. You can decorate the space too, or use a small carpet to section off the corner from the rest of the floor space. Space organization relies on structure, and every corner is an opportunity to create some.

13. Outfit Organizers

outfit organizer, shoe display, outfit display

This one is for all the people who like to plan their outfits a day in advance. We know how outfit organizers can help with laundry room storage, but why not add shoes to the mix? Outfit organizers don’t just organize space, they organize your next morning too!

14. Shoe Hamper

white shoe hamper, sneaker storage, sneaker hamper

Shoe storage isn’t easy when you’re dealing with a large household? When the kids come home with muddy sneakers and grass-stained sandals, a hamper is your best friend. It’s good storage for dirty shoes in particular and keeps them organized in a single space until washing day comes around.

15. Shoe Hangers

hanging storage, hanging shoes, hanging shoe storage

When it comes to shoes, creating storage can be as simple as drilling a nail into a wall. Shoe hooks work for the same reason key hooks do – they’re a quick way to store things off the ground, and always keep items in your line of sight for when you need them most.

Shoe Storage for Small Spaces is Only the Beginning

Organizing your space doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor. Our ideas are inspired by years of helping our clients transform their spaces for the better. At ShelfGenie, we help you organize the space in your home around your needs, comfort, and most-treasured aesthetics.

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