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Create these fun zones in your home

Unique zone ideas for every home.

July 21, 2016

Every home is better when you have a special space for the things you love—whether it’s an area to play games or a spot for you to enjoy your morning coffee.

Transform your space with these 5 zones

That’s why we recommend making zones for all your favorite things. It’s actually pretty simple. Take a look at these ideas.

Game center
If you love hosting game nights, why not create a game zone in your home? Our Solutions make it simple. You can create your own entertainment center with single and double-height Glide-Out™ shelves to make storing, organizing, and finding all your favorite games easy.

Are you a book worm? Then you’d probably love having your own library. With our easy-to-access Glide-Out shelves, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to reach your favorite books. You could even add divider shelves to better fit your collection.

Movie theatre
With ShelfGenie Solutions for your DVDs, your entertainment center will always be ready for movie marathons! Talk to a ShelfGenie Designer about creating the perfect space for your at-home movie theatre.

Coffee bar
Whip up a double-shot vanilla soy latte right in your own kitchen. With our ShelfGenie Solutions, you can grab your espresso machine, coffee, vanilla syrup, and soy milk faster than it takes to wait through the coffee shop line.  

Relax with a spa of your own. With ShelfGenie Solutions in your bathroom, you can make sure your bubble bath, face masks, and nail polish are perfectly organized and easy to reach for a stress-free pick-me-up.

To talk to a ShelfGenie Designer about bringing these ideas to life, schedule a complimentary, in-home Design consultation today.  


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