Pull Out Shelves in Vancouver, BC: How We Organize Kitchen Clutter

pull out shelves

When you want to streamline your kitchen, organizing and minimizing clutter can transform the way it’s working for you. At ShelfGenie® of British Columbia, we expertly re-organize your space to minimize clutter and give you room to breathe. With design elements like pull out shelves, pull down compartments, and adjustable dividers, we re-imagine kitchen storage in homes in Vancouver, and throughout the BC Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and Sunshine Coast area.

By design, kitchens are a magnet for overcrowding and clutter. Most people have pantries overflowing with dry goods and cooking ingredients, or precarious stacks of baking pans. That’s because most cupboards aren’t designed to accommodate the many complex needs of the kitchen.

In Vancouver and BC Lower Mainland region, we change that by re-configuring and replacing kitchen shelving and storage. We design, fit, and install pull out shelves, drawer dividers, cutlery trays, and other features. It means that everything has a place, and everything is within easy reach.

3 Ways We Improve Kitchen Function With Pull Out Shelves

When your kitchen isn’t as functional as it could be, it’s harder to get things done or to enjoy spending time there. A ShelfGenie of British Columbia, we want you to love the space you have. A few tactical changes can minimize clutter while improving the overall usability of your kitchen.

With sleek, custom-crafted Glide-Out Shelving®, we can provide increased space and function to every cabinet in your kitchen:

  • We design custom racks. We can place racks inside drawers and cabinets that are personalized by function. You can show off your wine collection with an elegant and extendable wine rack drawer. Spices can be grouped together for easy access while flat cutting boards and baking sheets get their own custom rack.
  • We install fitted shelving. With pull out shelves that are fitted to tall, medium, or short items, you can group ingredients by purpose and size. For homeowners in Vancouver, it allows for clean, tidy cupboards while making it simple to find anything you need in the kitchen.
  • We can add in compartments. We streamline the function of under-the-sink cabinets and other zones of the kitchen with specialized compartments. These are perfect for neatly storing miscellaneous items like sponges, brushes, and dishwasher tablets. You won’t ever have to rummage through cabinets to find what you need again.

With a free design consultation, our Designers in Vancouver can show you how pull out shelves will transform your kitchen. Schedule yours today by calling ShelfGenie of British Columbia: (888) 903-8839. We are proud to work with homeowners in Vancouver, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Langley, North Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, and throughout the BC Lower Mainland region.

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