Join the ShelfGenie® team and organize your future!

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At ShelfGenie, we design, build, and install custom Glide-Out Shelving Solutions to give people easier access, more space, and better organization in an existing cabinet or pantry. Join the ShelfGenie team and organize for your future!

Design Consultant

We’re always looking for talented Design Consultants to deliver outstanding in-home presentations to our clients.

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Installation Partner

We are seeking insured and licensed home improvement contractors who are both talented craftsmen and exceptional business operators.

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Corporate Jobs

We are seeking talented, highly motivated individuals to join our home office team.

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The best thing about this work is being able to be very creative in building the designs that the designer and the client have come up with.
I love meeting and talking with the clients, and to be able to be the one that builds their dream experience when working in their kitchens and other rooms in the home is very exciting . To see their reactions after is so satisfying.

To have a job you love doing and can make a great living at it is priceless.

Jason P. ShelfGenie Installer

When I first signed up to be a ShelfGenie installer, I thought I would just be installing wooden boxes. But I soon learned that I was going to be part of something so much more. I was quickly set up for success when I understood that we don’t install just boxes, we install solutions. After 8 years as a ShelfGenie installer, I still find so much fulfillment in seeing our customer’s lives transformed by providing a solution that allows them to enjoy their kitchen again.

Philip H. ShelfGenie Installer

“After I saw the benefits that glide out shelving provided to a family member, working with ShelfGenie gave me an opportunity to help others with those same needs… Organization and Access!

I look forward to helping you as well!

Patrick O. ShelfGenie Designer