Pull Out Shelves For Charleston Kitchens: How We Increase Space and Decrease Clutter

pull out shelves

If you’re feeling cooped up in your own kitchen, it may not be about the space, but how you use it. For many homes in Charleston, kitchen storage simply isn’t configured so you can use it to its full potential. Re-thinking your kitchen, then, means finding creative ways to maximize the space you have, like pull out shelves, dividers, and other fixes.

That’s where ShelfGenie® of Charleston can help. By re-organizing and re-designing the kitchen storage you have, we address the frustrations you have with using your kitchen. We also look at pressure points in the kitchen: cupboards, shelves, and other storage areas that aren’t working.

We can add custom-fitted pull out shelves, extendable racks, and specialized shelf compartments, so you can get more from your space. Our pull out shelves can increase storage by as much as 50% in any cabinet.

3 Ways We Can Re-Think Your Kitchen Space with Pull Out Shelves

  • We streamline each storage area. Ideally, items should be grouped together by purpose and size to make it effortless to move around your kitchen. We can help you re-think storage space, so each zone of the kitchen has a clear purpose. That also makes it simpler to organize items section by section.
  • We offer easier reach. Most cabinets are too tall, too high up, or too deep. We design pull out shelves that can be seamlessly integrated into these spaces. Crafted specifically with your needs in mind, you’ll be able to pull down shelves, pull out shelves, and otherwise access storage quickly.
  • We take away the clutter. Our team in Charleston can typically find a place for items normally kept on the counter and floor, freeing up valuable kitchen real estate. Triple-Height Shelving can extend out, perfect for keeping trash bins in cabinets. Small appliances can find a home in the pantry. And cookbooks and utensils get special compartments.

These are just some of the ways we can reduce clutter and streamline the overall function of your kitchen. Your ShelfGenie Designer will look at your existing kitchen setup and offer re-design ideas that are right for you. We make it easy to keep Everything Within Reach™.

From dish dividers to custom-built wine racks to pull out shelves, we have an organizing solution for every item in your kitchen. Call ShelfGenie of Charleston at (888) 903-8839 to get started with a no-cost consultation.

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