Upgrading Existing Kitchen Shelves in Charlotte

Kitchen Shelves

If you’re thinking about changing up your kitchen shelves, it’s the perfect time to get help from ShelfGenie® of Charlotte. We preserve the exterior look of your cabinetry and cupboards while increasing storage, improving overall accessibility, and making it easy to make the most of your kitchen. With sleek and custom-fitted Glide-Out Shelving®, we bring new life and joy to the kitchen.

If you are like most homeowners, you find that the existing kitchen shelves in your cabinets are often ill-suited to your daily needs. If you find yourself straining to reach items on high-up shelves, or it takes a long time to find and retrieve the necessary ingredients in your cluttered pantry, your storage areas aren’t functioning as well as they could. When this happens, it’s not uncommon to leave items out on counters, floors, or freestanding shelves so they’re easy to access, adding to kitchen clutter.

For homeowners in Charlotte, we offer another option. We re-configure existing cabinet and pantry shelving, replacing them with our custom pull out shelves and other organizing solutions. With our Glide-Out Shelves®, you’re able to use your kitchen to its full potential.

A Transformational Approach to Kitchen Shelves in Charlotte

Re-thinking your kitchen doesn’t have to come up with a comprehensive renovation. Instead, ShelfGenie of Charlotte can streamline your kitchen shelves and storage, giving you new space and easier access to the things you need. We take a simple approach to getting you the kitchen that’s perfectly designed for you:

  • A consultation with your own Designer. With a free design consultation, we can meet in your home. That gives you the opportunity to show us your current kitchen setup and let us know what you like and dislike about it.
  • A custom design plan. Once we’ve seen your kitchen storage and discussed your preferences, we can start shaping design recommendations. We can even show you what your kitchen will look like with our Glide-Out Shelves.
  • An installation that’s professional and easy. When you’re happy with the design plans, we get started on building your custom pull out shelves. A professional installation is completed by our team, too.

Premium and Stylish Kitchen Shelves in Charlotte

With ShelfGenie of Charlotte, our design team is based right here in the area. We’ve seen the joy it brings homeowners to have a kitchen that’s easy to use and loaded with storage space, and that’s what we want to offer you. With organizing solutions from our team, you can get stylish, high-quality kitchen shelves that give you more space and more comfort in the kitchen in these areas:

  • Rock Hill
  • Charlotte
  • Mooresville
  • Mecklenburg County
  • Concord

Your new kitchen shelves are waiting for you to enjoy. Call ShelfGenie of Charlotte to set up your free consultation at 888-903-8839.

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