Pull Out Shelves in Wilmington: Transform and De-Clutter Your Kitchen

pull out shelves

What if you had a kitchen that was perfectly designed for you? At ShelfGenie® of Coastal Carolinas, we offer homeowners throughout the Wilmington area the opportunity to have a dream kitchen. By re-organizing kitchen cabinets with pull out shelves, we can transform the way your kitchen looks, functions, and feels.

Clutter and space can create a lot of stress in the kitchen. Whether it takes too long to find the flour or rice, or it’s simply a hassle to access pots at the back of your cabinets, we evaluate and reduce those points of stress. In doing so, we can help you enjoy the kitchen again.

3 Ways We Maximize Space With Pull Out Shelves

Most kitchens in the Wilmington area have standardized layouts and storage options. Shelves are often built to dimensions that can’t withstand big, bulk dry foods or are too tall for small kitchen appliances. That means less overall space and more overall clutter.

We erase the many frustrations of a space that doesn’t work for you. Our Designers reset the layout of kitchen storage by incorporating organizers, dividers, trays, risers, and shelving, all custom-created to your needs. In doing so, we can increase space, functionality, and ease while helping to keep your kitchen looking clean and clutter free:

  • We take advantage of height. Most kitchen cabinets offer plenty of height, without a way for you to easily use it because of those pesky half-shelves. We can capitalize on that space within cabinets by configuring and stacking pull out shelves. Suddenly, you’ll have enough space to organize and store items by height and by purpose.
  • We work around plumbing. The space under the sink is notorious for getting underused. Visible plumbing within cabinets makes it tough to get at things you need—until now. Our Glide-Out Shelving® units can be designed to fit around pipes. You can pack in cleaning products and sponges and retrieve them when needed.
  • We improve access to deep shelving. Most ingredients that find their way to the back of the cupboard stay there for a very long time. This area often gets neglected or ignored, given its inaccessibility. But with extendable shelving, all you have to do is slide out the shelf, find what you need, and slide it back in.

Pull out shelves are just one of the many customizable features we offer to homeowners in Wilmington. Find out what we can do for your kitchen, call ShelfGenie of Coastal Carolinas at (888) 903-8839.

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