Why We’re the Choice in Upper Arlington for Kitchen Shelves

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Is your kitchen storage working for you? Or is it cramped, cluttered, and chaotic, instead? If that’s the case, let ShelfGenie® of Columbus help. We can transform your cabinets and pantry, giving you dramatically more space with our kitchen shelves, custom-designed for homeowners in Upper Arlington, Columbus, and other nearby areas in OH. You’ll be surprised and delighted by just how more storage there is, so your kitchen is easier and more enjoyable to spend time in.

Get Kitchen Shelves in Upper Arlington That Puts Everything in Easy Reach

Most shelves in kitchens throughout the Upper Arlington area were designed to remain immobile. This means the space in the back – and the items stored there – are difficult to reach. To access what you need, you might end up getting out a step stool, bending down deep, or stretching further than what’s comfortable, causing strains and pains in the process. But there is a better way and it’s with ShelfGenie of Columbus’ Glide-Out Shelves®.

ShelfGenie of Columbus will switch out your old, dated shelves and replace them with our solution. These shelves are different because they operate on rails. You can simply pull each one out and access all you need, easily and in a single, quick motion. There’s no more rummaging, digging, or searching. Not only that, but our kitchen shelves are available in many configurations for all the various storage spaces you have in your kitchen in Upper Arlington, including:

  • Under the sink
  • Corner cabinets
  • Wine racks
  • Spice cabinets
  • Trash and recycle bin areas
  • Cabinets for pots and pans
  • Areas for cookbook and pet food storage

Quality, Made-in-the-USA Kitchen Shelves for Upper Arlington Area Homeowners

At ShelfGenie of Columbus, our kitchen shelves can maximize every inch of storage in your kitchen, whether the space is large or small. Not only that, but you can count on us for quality and durability with sturdy solutions made from birch and other hardwoods and crafted in the USA. We even offer coatings for moisture- and scratch-resistance for an added layer of protection. Whatever your kitchen layout, your style or your budget, we offer shelves that will make life easier and are available in:

  • Upper Arlington
  • Columbus
  • Dublin
  • Franklin County
  • And throughout other surrounding communities

If you’re interested in setting up a free design consultation to find out more about our kitchen shelves in Upper Arlington, OH, call ShelfGenie of Columbus today at (888) 903-8839!

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