Choosing Kitchen Shelves in Columbus

Kitchen Shelves

When your kitchen isn’t organized intuitively, it creates small stress points throughout the day. Utensils aren’t within easy reach, or every time you open a cupboard, items start falling out. At ShelfGenie® of Columbus, we erase those stress points in your kitchen and in your home. With custom-built kitchen shelves, we can completely transform the functionality and feel of this space.

We offer organizing solutions for every room in your home, so every space is easy to use without scrounging for items or straining to reach what you need. When your cabinets, cupboards, and kitchen shelves are perfectly designed to fit your belongings, it’s easier to maximize your space and improve the overall accessibility of your home. That’s what we offer at ShelfGenie of Columbus.

About Our Home Organizing Solutions Including Kitchen Shelves in Columbus

If you’re happy with the look of your home, you don’t want to sink costs into extensive renovations. Instead, organizing solutions from ShelfGenie of Columbus allow you to revamp the way you use each room in your home, so it’s simpler to complete everyday tasks:

  • Streamlining the kitchen. We give every ingredient and appliance in your kitchen a home with our classic, stylish Glide-Out Shelving®. These extendable kitchen shelves means you can locate everything in your kitchen in Columbus instantly.
  • More bathroom space. We simplify bathroom countertops by placing beauty products, toothbrushes, and grooming kits out of sight. They’ll still be within reach, with pull-out shelves that can be compartmentalized by item.
  • Organizing the office. A home office is often the place where wires get tangled and papers get mislaid. We re-organize and re-configure storage space in your home office, giving electronics, stationary, and files a home.

Re-Thinking Kitchen Shelves With Columbus Area Homeowners

Because the kitchen is one of the most commonly used areas of the home, re-organizing the way this space is laid out can have a tremendous impact on your daily life. At ShelfGenie of Columbus, we can come directly to your home and take a look at the problem areas of your kitchen. We proudly serve these regions and the surrounding areas:

As a local business, we can match you with your own personal Designer based right here in Columbus. Your Designer will view your kitchen in-person, offering innovative recommendations to improve your kitchen shelves. We can group items based on which sections of your kitchen you use for prep, cooking, or baking, so everything is exactly where you’d expect it to be, and everything is within reach.

Get a preview of your kitchen with upgraded and improved kitchen shelves. Call ShelfGenie of Columbus for more information: 888-903-8839.

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