Upgrading Your Kitchen Shelves in Fort Worth

Slide out shelves with scoops in the front - Kitchen Shelves

At ShelfGenie® of Dallas-Fort Worth, we know how much of a joy it is to use a kitchen designed just for you. We upgrade kitchens throughout Fort Worth, installing kitchen shelves that improve the functionality of your space while increasing your storage options, too.

With our custom organizing solutions, you won’t have to sink costs into a full-scale renovation. We only focus on improving and redesigning the interior layout of your kitchen storage, switching out standard shelves with custom-fitted, custom-built Glide-Out Shelves® which offer full extension, all with a lifetime warranty. For many homes, we’re able to improve kitchen storage by as much as 50%.

But we don’t just increase capacity. We also focus on how your kitchen is working—or not working—for you. We can streamline the way kitchen storage is laid out, so you know exactly where to find every item in your kitchen, and you can get to it in an instant.

A Better Choice For Kitchen Shelves in Fort Worth

With ShelfGenie of Dallas-Fort Worth, you’ll always know that your kitchen shelves are designed by experts and built to last. We never create kitchen redesigns without your express input. In fact, we come to your home for a free in-person consultation, so we can take a look at your space, chat with you about your preferences for the kitchen, and get started.

We know that the perfect kitchen redesign for you will be uniquely calibrated to your likes, dislikes, and how you use your kitchen. We group and categorize items, ingredients, and gadgets together, so that they’re laid out in the places you’d expect to find them, and easy to find.

For those who need coffee first thing in the morning, we can make sure that coffee cans and filters are stored near the machine. For any home cooks, we can build custom shelves near the stove that neatly fit cookware and cooking implements. We want your kitchen to be a place where you love to spend time. With our innovative solutions, we can help make that happen.

ShelfGenie of Dallas-Fort Worth Provides Organizing Solutions in North Central Texas

At ShelfGenie of Dallas-Fort Worth, we take care of everything. Once we’ve designed kitchen solutions that work for you, we’ll get kitchen shelves custom-built. We provide full installation, too, complete with a warranty to homes everywhere in the DFW metro:

  • Fort Worth
  • Flower Mound
  • Plano

Transform your space with kitchen shelves custom-built for your cabinets. Call ShelfGenie of Dallas-Fort Worth at (888) 903-8839 to learn more about the consultations we offer in Fort Worth.

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