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Kitchen Shelves

If your kitchen feels cluttered or stressful, you’re not alone. At ShelfGenie® of Des Moines, we take chaos out of home kitchens by reorganizing your storage and maximizing your space. We install kitchen shelves that are perfectly fitted to your cabinets as well as your needs, making sure your space is laid out in a way that’s both intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

Most kitchen storage simply isn’t designed to accommodate the everyday needs of our lives. As a result, many people often resort to piling up ingredients, leaving everyday utensils out on the counter for quick access, or stowing bakeware in deep cabinets where it’s difficult to retrieve them again.

ShelfGenie of Des Moines changes that. Our kitchen shelves are fitted to the insides of your pantry and cabinets, helping you to maximize every part of your kitchen storage. Extendable shelving can let you access deep corners and other difficult-to-reach parts of your kitchen storage, so everywhere in your kitchen is in reach, too.

Transforming Your Home Storage Space With New Kitchen Shelves in Des Moines

At ShelfGenie of Des Moines, we always keep you in mind through every stage of your kitchen storage redesign. We add and configure kitchen shelves and other innovative storage features that consider the way you use your kitchen. We re-think the purpose and function of your cabinets, cupboards, and pantry, so you know exactly where to find everything.

We can group items by purpose, so cutting boards and knives are stored near your prep station, while cookware and bakeware are stored by the stove. We can even customize the size and finish of our shelving, so it fits the look of your kitchen. Together, we minimize the frustrations of your kitchen, replacing it with ease and comfort.

High-Quality Kitchen Shelves For Des Moines

Our company is based right here in Polk County. We have Designers and Illustrators everywhere in and around the area, including:

  • Des Moines
  • Ames
  • West Des Moines
  • Central Iowa

With our services, you can get brand-new, high-quality kitchen shelves by staying at home. From initial consultation to final installation, we meet you in your own home. That way, we can make sure your shelves perfectly fit your cabinets, and that our organizing solutions fit your needs, too.

Get kitchen shelves that offer you more space and more comfort. Call ShelfGenie of Des Moines at 888-903-8839 to learn how to get started.

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