Brand-New Kitchen Shelves For Henderson Area Homes 

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At ShelfGenie® of Desert Hills, we remove the many pain points that come with a home that’s cluttered, overcrowded, or otherwise disorganized. For homes in Henderson, we can streamline your kitchen shelves, erase clutter hotspots, and organize your space so it’s more functional.

We make that happen by increasing the overall storage space you have available and increasing the accessibility of these spaces. We eliminate the need to strain, rummage, or rifle through your storage spaces, instead implementing simple design solutions so that every item in your home has a place.

Our design experts are also organizing pros, and we understand the need for a space that’s functional and stylish. We can improve the way you use any room in your home, including home offices, bathrooms, and of course, the kitchen.

Organizing Solutions For All With Kitchen Shelves in Henderson

Kitchens are a prime magnet for household clutter. That’s because a modern kitchen has a bit of everything: from coffee machines to kitchen gadgets, cookware, cooking ingredients, pet foods, and cookbooks, it might feel like you’re always running out of space. But often, it just means that your kitchen shelves in Henderson aren’t designed to properly accommodate the items you have.

We re-haul shelves while considering what you want out of your kitchen. That means our organizing solutions are always tailored to you, in order to make your space feel more functional and intuitive for you specifically. Your Designer will consult with you from the get-go, making sure we’re targeting the frustrations you feel in your kitchen.

Whether you never have enough space or you can never find ingredients, we’ll take those pain points away. In the end, we can provide a kitchen that’s customized to you, with more space and more access to everything.

Our Custom Kitchen Shelves in Henderson

With ShelfGenie of Desert Hills, you’ll be getting custom-fitted kitchen shelves that are tailor-made for your home. Our Glide-Out Shelving® is the flagship organizing solution of our company. These custom, extendable shelves give you instant access to your entire kitchen, so you’ll never have to scrounge for anything. They’re perfect for any home in the areas of:

Your shelves can be customized to seamlessly match the look of your kitchen. Glide-Out Shelving comes with plenty of add-on options and design features so they meet your needs with style and elegance every time.

ShelfGenie of Desert Hills can transform your kitchen shelves and increase the accessibility of your space. To learn more about our in-home consultations for Henderson, you can call today at (888) 903-8839.

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