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Storage solutions shouldn’t come straight off the rack—they should accentuate the space you have, and elevate your entire home.

In this eBook, an expert designer shows you the ins and outs of home storage design. With lessons learned over decades in the industry, you’ll discover how extraordinary custom storage solutions for Kitchen, Pantry, and Bathroom can transform your space for good!
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Not every storage solution is made the same. And when it comes to your home, you should never have to compromize or settle for second best.

Page 7 of this eBook shows you what to look for in a custom storage solutions provider—how to evaluate your options, cut through the noise, and make sure you’ll be getting your hard-earned money’s worth.
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Life-changing storage solutions should be for everyone, no matter your lifestyle, your space, or your budget.

With an incredible fast delivery, flexible payment options, and a warranty that can last up to a lifetime, ShelfGenie solutions can be the key to your home makeover.

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See how the ShelfGenie custom glide-out shelves can change every room in your home.
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Tired of tearing through cupboards in the search for that one particular pot (the one that always seems to be missing)? This eBook shows you what an expert designer thinks about utilizing the kitchen space, and how they approach the art of improving it all.
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Live the joy of everything within reach. A well-organized pantry can be the difference between constant stress and pure pleasure. In this eBook, you’ll discover why the experts believe that custom storage solutions can make any pantry feel larger, simpler, and more efficient.
Gorgeous Bathrooms
Don’t abide the stress and chaos of a dirty bathroom. This eBook shows you how the detritus of a typical bathroom simply seems to melt away when expert designers build and install custom storage solutions for you.
Find out what it will take to design and install a dream home storage solution that fits your lifestyle and space.
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  • Kitchen Solutions + Cost Range
  • Pantry Solutions + Cost Range
  • Bathroom Solutions + Cost Range
  • Choosing A Provider
  • Why Custom?
  • The Consultation
  • Payment Options
Customer Reviews
We serve thousands of joyful customers each year. And here's how they usually describe our services
Shelf Genie is fantastic. Their Glide-outs added so much usable space to my tiny kitchen it frankly blew me away. It's worth the investment. Every time I pull one out to get something I'm happy because it's such a quality product. The whole process from sales to installation was very easy and they worked around my schedule. Very happy!!
Tom M.
Seattle, WA
We were very pleased with Shelf Genie. We put several rollouts in our kitchen cabinets instead of stationary shelves a few years ago and they are still working very well. The workmen were pleasing to work with and very neat. The only negative is that we would have done more but found him to be a little on the expensive side. Their workmanship was excellent.
Lucy I.
Jackson, NJ
We just upgrades 4 different cabinets through ShelfGenie and love the improvements. Alan provided the initial consult and was very professional and helpful to make sure we solved our problems. Justin did the install and was also great! Would definitely recommend anyone with space concerns to consider ShelfGenie!
Ryan F.
Seattle, WA
Wow! Just had pantry and 3 lower cabinets reconfigured with pull out shelves. What a back saver from our deep lower cabinets shelves. These shelves actually give me more room, open fully and smoothly, and look beautiful. This company was very user friendly from the knowledgeable sales person to the excellent installer ( Marcus). Couldn't be happier. Pricey but worth it for the beauty, ease of use, and quality of these shelves, not to mention the ease of retrieving kitchen items without having to bend down and reach into the back of a deep cabinet. Highly recommended
Sherry S.
Bethesda, MD
"Worth the investment! Alan came out and did a very thorough walk through of my needs in my kitchen area. There was no high pressure sales pitch and I was able to stay within my budget. I would never want a kitchen that didn't have these!

They glide very nicely and pull out the entire depth which is unlike many I have had before. I would highly recommend Alan and his professional installers."
Shannan N.
Canton, MI
I am super happy with the final product that Lorna and Shelf Genie installed into my client's home in West Los Angeles. The quality of the shelving was amazing and I really appreciate them scheduling our consultation meeting within a day and also sneaking the manufacturing order in there... in what seemed like perfect timing with a new home move-in. We purchased the upgrades and they were perfect, nicely gliding./opening and closing... and wonderful workmanship... with quality wood, hardware and joints. They are a big investment and we love them. Thanks again!
John T.
Beverly Hills, CA