Custom Pull-Out Kitchen Shelves in Knoxville 

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What if your kitchen was intuitively laid out, and every ingredient, utensil, gadget, and wine bottle had its own easy-to-find spot? With ShelfGenie® of East Tennessee, homeowners in the Knoxville area don’t have to wonder what that would look like. We reorganize and redesign kitchen shelves so that there’s more space available and so that everything in your kitchen can be reached instantly.

We never alter the outsides of cupboards, counters, or other kitchen surfaces. Instead, we completely transform your kitchen storage from the inside, replacing existing shelves with Glide-Out Shelving®. Because our shelves are custom-built with your kitchen in mind, they can capitalize on the full space of your pantry and cabinetry, and can increase your storage by as much as fifty percent.

But that’s not all. We streamline the way your items are organized, so that ingredients are grouped together neatly and kitchen gadgets can be easily put away. We offer intuitive layouts for storage, so that spices are within easy reach of the stove, and cutting boards are close to your prep station. We replace the frustration of clutter and disorganization, leaving more room for joy in your kitchen.

More Storage and More Access Throughout Your Knoxville Home

While kitchen shelves are a prime target for ShelfGenie of East Tennessee, that’s not all we can help with. Wherever there’s home storage, we can upgrade shelving and offer innovative solutions to problems of clutter, lack of space, and lack of reach:

  • Your bathroom. Countertops are just one of the many places where clutter accumulates in the bathroom. We can increase the capacity of under-the-sink storage, giving you more storage and more ease.
  • Your home office. We erase the disorganization of any home office, sorting and organizing items so that electronics are stored together, and stationary is within quick reach.
  • Your basement. Our Designers can target home storage in your basement, making it easier for you to locate and return photo albums, household gadgets, and other items.

Fully Extendable Kitchen Shelves

With Glide-Out Shelving from ShelfGenie of East Tennessee, you’ll be able to fully access your kitchen shelves right away. Our shelving comes with extendable rails, so you can slide out any shelf, select the ingredient you need, and continue on. We offer our Glide-Out Shelving throughout:

Find out what your space would look like with extendable kitchen shelves designed just for you. Homeowners in Knoxville can contact ShelfGenie of East Tennessee to find out more: (888) 903-8839.

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