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It’s Crazy How A Little Wooden Box Can Change Your Life

Posted Aug 22nd, 2018

A little wooden box can change your life. It certainly changed mine—putting me on a path to personal and professional success, tapping into my passion for business, people, and most importantly, my family’s future. Thankfully, ShelfGenie recognized my potential, and I recognized ShelfGenie as a results-driven company destined to win, when I discovered the company in 2009.

Now, almost a decade later, as a franchise partner turned CEO, I fully understand both sides of the franchisor-franchisee relationship.  I know firsthand how to build a sustainable, profitable business in custom, pull-out shelving with ShelfGenie. This is a fantastic business model because what we sell is truly unique and rewarding.

Since our inception in the early 2000s, we have been committed to developing creative single, double, and triple pullout shelving solutions. But, it was the elusive blind corner that truly changed the game.  In the depths of a kitchen cabinet, we found our wow factor. The blind corner is where bulky, long-forgotten items are stowed away, never to be seen again. That is until the chef of the house needs a bundt pan or a holiday meal requires a casserole dish that’s become a distant memory beyond arm’s reach.  Our team developed blind corner Glide-Out shelves to maximize the storage space in the hidden corner of a kitchen cabinet.

This innovative feature is a snapshot of ShelfGenie as a company – setting ourselves apart with intentional and strategic thinking. Where our competitors dismissed an unimpressive corner, we recognized unlimited potential. A little wooden box turned out to be pure genius when you consider the simplicity of the design, the benefit to the client, and the forward-thinking of a company that allows franchise partners to focus on the big picture instead of the day-to-day grind. A serious commitment to accessibility, ease, and convenience are just a few reasons why ShelfGenie is at the top of its game. Again, we recognize potential — and we keep it simple.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I know the importance of simple, sustainable and scalable business models, like ShelfGenie.  I have owned and operated many businesses in my career, and I’ll be the first to admit that some of them failed.   In fact, I was running my own appliance store with 13 employees when I stumbled across an article on ShelfGenie in a national business magazine about a decade ago.

Inside that edition was a feature of our previous CEO, Allan Young – a military veteran on a mission. From career serviceman to successful business executive, Young was the new driving force behind the custom shelving solutions brand. Young’s philosophy was simple: hire the right people and teach franchise partners how to build and manage a team. I thought, I can do that!

Within one month, I purchased the rights to the Raleigh, NC franchise territory – becoming one of the first franchise partners in 2009. After a few years of hard work, the team I assembled across six territories throughout North Carolina did a phenomenal job – earning the distinction as the system’s highest volume group multiple times.

Now, as ShelfGenie’s CEO, I get the chance to return the favor to other ambitious, and enterprising entrepreneurial minds every time we welcome a new franchise partner to the family.   All of our franchise partners have their own inspiring stories and I love working with them.   This includes my phenomenal business partner in North Carolina, Dan Powell, who first joined my team as a pink-slipped corporate employee at age 50 with four kids to put through college.

At an age when some are preparing for early retirement, Dan and I (and countless other ShelfGenie franchise partners) are just getting started on the best part of the ride. The best is yet to come.  I’m a CEO with skin in the game as an active franchise partner leading a company with a proven track record as a scalable and sustainable business model.   It doesn’t get much better than that and I’m excited about where we are headed!

As the saying goes, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day of your life. It’s true and I’m living proof.   Even with an early Monday morning flight to our Atlanta-based headquarters and a late Thursday flight home to Raleigh to check in on NC operations and enjoy quality time with my kids on the weekends, I’ve never been happier or prouder.

I’m proof a little wooden box can change your life – for the better.

Perhaps a little wooden box can change your life, too!   If you’re interested in learning more about the ShelfGenie franchise opportunity, download our Franchise Information Report.

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