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Can I Build a Sustainable, Profitable Business in Custom, Pull-Out Shelving?

Posted Aug 13th, 2018


I know what you’re thinking – it almost seems too good to be true: “when ShelfGenie franchise partners commit to working ON the business, not IN the business, they can build a fantastic culture and a sustainable, profitable business built to scale.” But it’s definitely true. In fact, we’re happy to share more info on the “how much can I make” with ShelfGenie question!

Here’s why – for the last ten years, ShelfGenie’s franchise business model and custom, pull-out shelving solutions have been constantly refined and improved – allowing us to earn our reputation as the nation’s leading custom shelving and home improvement solutions franchise. And it’s our franchise partners who reap the rewards – executing a simple and effective business model to capitalize on a fragmented, niche market that’s growing rapidly.

Our franchise partners love the ShelfGenie business model that combines passion with purpose…and comes with a little fun in the kitchen, too!

Here are a few reasons why many of our ShelfGenie franchise partners would agree – it IS possible to build a sustainable, profitable business in custom, pull-out shelving.

A Business Built for Scalable Growth

When you consider sustainability, what comes to mind is whether your business can weather the highs and lows of the economy, industry trends, and operating costs. ShelfGenie franchise partners enjoy low startup costs and low overhead without the pressure of developing specialized skills, but that’s not all. Imagine focusing exclusively on how to generate higher sales volume, and ultimately, a stronger bottom line—without the time-consuming aspects of managing the business and completing jobs. At ShelfGenie, it’s a reality.

As a franchise partner, you’re in the best position to work on your business instead of in your business. Franchise partners who succeed in growing their business have mastered the art of hiring skilled designers and installers. They give their experts the room to deliver quality, American-made products. With its unique franchise support system, highly scalable business model, ongoing training for designers and installers, and in-house marketing, ShelfGenie does more than survive—it excels.

The numbers don’t lie. Since 2007, ShelfGenie has raked in more than $200 million in retail sales. The secret to our success is a business model that’s scalable, flexible, and easy to manage— all of the key ingredients to sustaining a business over time. With ShelfGenie, you’re building a legacy. Whether it’s a family business you’ll pass on to a son or daughter or an impressive addition to your growing portfolio, ShelfGenie is a brand with staying power. The reason is simple: our clients need us in all seasons.

People, Then Profits

Where there’s demand, there’s a way to generate profit…but only if you focus on PEOPLE first.

Every 13 seconds, someone in America turns 65. By 2035, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates older Americans will outnumber younger generations. Most of them have a strong desire to spend the remainder of their lives in the comfort of their current home.

From Generation X to Z, there’s a need for ease, accessibility, and efficiency. In other words, ShelfGenie clients depend on us to make life, well, better and more convenient. Whether the client is a newly married millennial or a retired boomer, ShelfGenie provides timeless shelving, storage and accessibility solutions for every generation.

A Customized Experience

There will always be homeowners in need of our top-quality service. If they want it, we can design, install it—and yes, generate sales from it. Keep in mind, ShelfGenie is not a cookie-cutter-assembly-line production. We’re never going to sacrifice quality for quantity. Quite the contrary, quality is our sweet spot. We’re committed to creating a personalized experience for each client who eventually becomes an ambassador of our unbeatable brand.

Always remember – people, then profits. With a proven business model and excellent designers with attention to detail, ShelfGenie owners make a meaningful and indelible difference in the lives of our clients. It’s also how you can sustain a profitable business for years to come.

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