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Hidden Corners: Why You Need to Recruit a ‘Joe’ To Serve as Head of Operations

Posted Jan 16th, 2019

I started out with ShelfGenie as a franchise partner and, at first, struggled to figure things out: How would I balance the demands of generating new business with requirements to perform the actual design and installation work?


Fortunately, I found Joe. When he joined me as my chief installer, it changed everything…a critical reason why this little wooden box has changed my life.


I want to help you find and develop your “Joe,” whether you’re pursuing your dream through a ShelfGenie franchise (or even in some other entrepreneurial venture).


Whether he’s named Larry, or she’s named Evelyn, you need to recruit someone to become your lead operations and installation person, for three reasons: to turn sales leads into black-and-white installation plans that seal deals; to “make the trains run on time” when it comes to actual installations; and to free you to fulfill the crucial function of leading the expansion of your ShelfGenie business, ultimately, to take on multiple franchise territories with this business that’s designed to scale.


You can, and still should, be the leading visionary for your ShelfGenie franchise, finding new venues for marketing, following sales leads, networking in your community and eyeing big potential opportunities for the future.


But you’ll get to that future on a lot firmer footing, and a lot faster, if you can recruit an operations/installation all-star who is in charge of implementing the jobs that you (or preferably, your designer) come up with and maybe even helping you flesh out the vision, too.


Big ideas are great – but not if they can’t be fulfilled. And even if you’re the kind of renaissance man or woman who would be capable of creating wonderful designs and honchoing the implementation role, as well as the visionary role, you won’t have time to do all of those. You’ll over-promise and under-deliver most of the time. And good leadership requires emphasizing the big picture above all else.


In fact, a key to the ShelfGenie business model is for a franchise partner to have a strategy implementer. This can be someone whose main skill or emphasis is in installation…but who potentially also has an eye for design. But the non-negotiable traits in this “Number Two” are a skill and penchant for organization and implementation.


It’s possible, as he or she proves his or her salt, your operations/installation chief could evolve almost into a Chief Operations Officer role, not only helping you manage appointments, clients and installations but also helping you build teams of designers and installers as your business grows.


Maybe you’ve got someone in mind for your own “Joe.” Or ask us at ShelfGenie to help you figure out how to identify and recruit that kind of person. We’re totally invested in your success, and we’ve “been there before.” We know how important a “Joe” will be.


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